How to care for bed linen and curtains

Правила ухода за постельным бельем и шторами

Choosing home textiles: bed set, curtains, we hope not only to their aesthetic properties, but also want them to be practical in use and served as long as possible. To bed set happy long-term operation, you need to follow a number of recommendations for the correct choice, and also not to forget that it is necessary to properly care.

Правила ухода за постельным бельем и шторами

Choosing the right linen

If you choose a thin fabric, do not expect that the clothes will last you many years. Material with a low density of threads per square inch, quickly wears out and loses its attractive appearance. For example Baptiste, popular for making gift sets, for everyday use, will withstand up to 50 washings. A fabric with higher density: satin, percale or calico, can already please a lifetime, thanks to the density of the weave from 100 to 300 threads per square inch.

Also, take into account the ability of natural tissues to shrink. To after the first wash to discover the surprise, in the form of pillow does not fit in a pillowcase, you should purchase a set with a small margin length, or to buy clothes, the past pre-processing (this information is usually indicated on the label set).

Cotton or polyester?

When choosing fabric, you should take into account its individual characteristics. Natural materials have greater hygroscopicity and excellent “breathe”. However, each fabric has its own characteristics:

  • Cotton. Breathes well and absorbs moisture. Some cotton fabrics have high durability and can withstand up to 300 washings. Cotton easy to iron. However, it is necessary to take into account his tendency to shrink up to 6% after the first wash. Among the cotton fabrics, an excellent choice for bedding set will be a renforcé-like material with good wear resistance, easy maintenance.
  • Len. Beautiful, durable material with good hygroscopic properties. Flax is considered one of the best materials for the manufacture of bedding sets. However, even it has its drawbacks — the material is easily wrinkled, but Ironing can deliver a lot of difficulties.
  • Bamboo canvas. Today, this kind of fabric has been gaining more fans. Linen from bamboo eco-friendly, durable and has antimicrobial properties.
  • Polyester. Fabric from synthetic fibers. The advantages of this underwear can be considered as easy to care for. Linen is difficult to crush, it quickly dries after washing, it is long lasting. There is another advantage — cheap price. However, synthetics are not as popular as natural fabrics. This is because the fabric is badly passes air and not hygroscopic. As a result, to sleep on this linen are not too pleasant in tactile terms.
  • Polycotton. This fabric is a blend of cotton and synthetic yarns. The material is easy care, long lasting color, has all the advantages of cotton and durability of polyester.

Caring correctly

In order for the curtains and bed set were used for a long time for them need proper care. Learning how to wash, dry and iron:

  • Choosing machine washable, try on to fill the drum to capacity. The most gentle washing ensures the filling of the washing machine by 50%.
  • Read the label. Do not exceed recommended maximum temperature for this type of fabric, but also consider the density of the product, to select the optimal wash cycle.
  • If you want to preserve the aesthetic appearance of textiles, prefer minimum temperature suitable for the fabric. Exposure to high temperature helps the material to wear out faster.
  • Drying machine for bedding set, as well as for tulle, involves only a delicate cycle.
  • Products with one-sided print or embroidery ironed only on the reverse side. And, here, Gatou fabric should not be ironed at all.
  • Bedding and curtains should be washed separately from other textile things. Especially, try not to mix natural fabrics with synthetic — after washing your clothes can become tougher.