How to bring face and body in order after the holidays

Как привести лицо и тело в порядок после праздников On the calendar January 9, this means that began working week and it’s time to enter smoothly into the rhythm of work. However, after long days of gluttony and copious libations for many it will not be easy. “StarHit” asked the expert in the field of beauty to give some practical advice.
Как привести лицо и тело в порядок после праздников

Swelling, heartburn, heaviness in the abdomen, dry skin… With all these “amenities” we often encounter after nights and nights of merriment. How to quickly revive your own body? Says the Director of Studio beauty Beauty Factory G. A. Alina Grigoryan.

1. Body care

You can treat yourself to fragrant creams, lotions, SPA treatments, massages, as well as visit bath. These measures will have a beneficial effect on the skin, lead harmful substances and will enrich it with vitamins.

To restore skin elasticity and lose a few pounds after the New year, take a contrast shower in the morning and in the evening a warm bath with 1 tablespoon baking soda 900 g of sea salt (preferably without additives). You can also pour a glass of heavy cream. Just 20 minutes of this pleasure will do you good. Warm water with the saline solution softens the epidermis, well opens the pores, improves blood circulation, nourishes the skin with nutrients and makes the lymphatic system to work at full power.

Then comes the anti-cellulite treatments. We will prepare coffee scrub at home. Plain yogurt mixed with dried, already sleeping natural coffee (in proportion 1 to 3). The resulting mass, are passed over the body, massaging the problem areas for 10 minutes each. An alternative to this scrub mixture of sea or table salt and cream (1 to 3).

But the skin of knees, elbows and feet suggest to grease with vegetable or olive oil. Pre-heat it on a steam bath. When the oil is absorbed, remove the excess with a paper towel. This will help to cope with skin roughness, peeling and cracks.

Как привести лицо и тело в порядок после праздников

2. Face: get rid of dryness

Frequent consumption of fatty food, sweets, and hot drinks skin not exactly say “thank you”. The first sign of degradation – severe dryness due to the increased level of toxins. Nourish the face with all sorts of masks with different active components better after a gentle face scrub that removes dead cells and will accelerate the process of hydration.

If during the vacation you never had time to sleep and relax, dancing all night, you will help the patches under the eyes, which seem to have produced any cosmetic brand, and cream for the most delicate areas of the face with the avocado.

Also to revive the skin by using homemade masks out of the ordinary and affordable products. For example, a mask of fresh cucumber juice, whipping cream and rose water known to women for a long time – it perfectly refreshes tired skin and returns face a healthy color. The recipe is quite simple: 1 tablespoon of cucumber juice mixed with the same amount of fat (30% or more) of cream, add rose water from the pharmacy (20 drops) and stir the mixture until the state foam. The weight imposed on the face a thick layer, hold 20 minutes and wash off with warm water. The face will look even better if after the procedure, wipe the skin with rose water.

3. Struggling with a tricky under-eye bags

They can appear even after a perfectly healthy sleep. What can we say about the week spree! Use a special cream for the eye zone. Give preference to drugs, which include caffeine, vitamin K and S – they will help to remove swelling and dark circles. Before applying, place some time cream in the fridge. In the end, resort to the old-fashioned folk remedies. Chilled pitchers of cucumber, tea bags, honey, ginger and aloe Vera juice will help in this situation.

Как привести лицо и тело в порядок после праздников

4. Return Shine to hair

The holidays – the stress and for hair. Blow-dry, pounds fixing vehicles – all damage the hair. It is therefore necessary to make restorative and tonic mask. In a water bath, melt 2 tbsp. of honey and connect with a tablespoon of burdock oil. Apply to hair, wrap with plastic and wrap a towel. After 20 minutes wash your head.

Try some time not to use the Hairdryer and Styler. Instead, actively apply protective cosmetic sprays.

5. For the future: the power mode

Ideally, start taking care of their health in advance, alternating days of gluttony with fasting. Suggest to arrange the body a rest the next day after the feast. This will help to reset from 500 to 1,5 kg of excess weight. Usually it’s just swelling.

Choose a day of fasting to your taste: carbohydrates, proteins or fats. The point is that getting food separately and in small portions of the body rest more and better energy.

Vegetable fasting day. You should eat baked or raw vegetables, fruits and cereals from whole grains, without oil and salt – the intestines will be cleansed and will operate normally. Divide the products into six portions and take gradually during the day.

Protein fasting day. Such foods helps to normalize metabolism and stimulates the activity of substances that a warning fat accumulation in the body. Just do not buy meat: take the lean fish (400 g) or poultry, boil it and eat along with cabbage, raw or steamed, without salt – too six times a day.

Unloading of fats improves metabolism and activates enzymes, but one should not mix fats with starchy foods. During the day you can drink five glasses of yogurt (not skim) and two times a small Cup of coffee with milk without sugar.