How to be friends with a star named Anna

Как зафрендить звезду по имени Анна Such a long queue of those wishing to take pictures that lined up on my “Live” to one of the characters, I can’t remember! The program devoted to Day of national unity, Anna Levushkina wanted to be friends with even the stars of show business.

Sorry, Anna ilinichny no time on the Internet. And not because she’s in the care of paralyzed nephew-invalid, four cats, and around, the sight of her, wagging his tail every grateful dog. In his 90 (!) she is a doctor-universal every day is welcome in a city clinic and then stands over the operating table at the hospital. (In 1961, Anna was the first in the Ryazan region began to make proctologic surgery).

Being such a small woman with a growth of 152 centimeters says. But its a difficult profession surgeon says with pleasure. The only thing that upsets Levushkina, recently she had to give up on the job wearing high heels. And she said that with age, more feelings of love for all living things. And can’t kill even a fly.