Как не ошибиться при выборе смесителя

The mixer is an important part of kitchen and bathroom, which directly affects our daily comfort. To verify this it is enough to recall their feelings when the faucet suddenly started to leak or even break. However, how to choose among the enormous diversity of models, especially if they want to save money and time and choose the mixer independently in the catalog online store? Let’s step by step walk through all the options that you should consider when choosing a mixer.

Как не ошибиться при выборе смесителя

The design of the mixers

Any mixer is composed of standard structural components: body, spout, mechanism of mixing, control and aerator.

The housing of the mixer can be molded or mobile. In the first case, the stationary housing is a mechanism of the spout, and the lever on the side of it. These faucets are reliable and easy to repair, but less convenient to operate.

Swivel body allows for greater convenience and water savings, but may require periodic replacement of gaskets rotating part of the mechanism.
Spout or goose — this is the part of the faucet, from which water flows. When choosing a particular model, pay attention to the height of the spout (can be from 2 to 90 cm) and its length (3 to 5 cm). They should correlate with the dimensions of the tub or sink so that water is not hitting the boards, was not sprayed and you have enough space to wash dishes or hands.

The aerator attaches to the tip of the spout and consists of a metal mesh through which water is mixed with air. The aerator makes the water pressure is more soft, uniform and comfortable.

Как не ошибиться при выборе смесителя

Different mechanisms of mixing water

Depending on the design of the mixer may vary and the mechanism of mixing water in it. Should there be any doubt that this factor will significantly influence your comfort and his life


The usual inside valve mixer tap with two handles for temperature and water head is a device called a crane buxoi. It connects to the valve and directly responsible for the water supply. There are two basic types of crane-books: worm gear and ceramic.

The mechanism of the worm tap-bushing is a screw, one end of which is connected with the valve and the other to a rod on which is fixed a strip of rubber. When rotating the crane, the screw moves along the thread inside the tap head parts, rubber gasket is moving around, opening or closing the water supply.
It is obvious that the rubber gasket in the process of operation will rapidly deteriorate, and although it is inexpensive, the trouble of regular changing pads is inevitable.

Ceramic crane Bush is characterized by the presence of two ceramic disks, one of which is stationary and the other is attached to the stock. Rotation of the valve causes the alignment of the holes on the discs, the water flowing in the mixer, or displaces them and the water flow stops.

This type of faucet head parts are more durable and easy to use, but are more expensive and sensitive to water quality, as even a small grain of sand between the discs could be damaged. In case of breakage, you will have to remove the faucet-the journal box and around a lot of shops to find the suitable for your model of mixer.

Crane-axle mixers are usually affordable and easy to repair, but have a high consumption of water and not too easy to manage.

Ball mechanism

Faucets with ball mechanism equipped with a handle which is adjustable and pressure, and water temperature. They work on the same principle as ceramic crane Bush, but instead of the disks they are placed in a hollow metal sphere with three holes (for cold water, hot water and for mixing them).

Cuff and gaskets, locking mechanism ball, fairly quickly wear out causing the faucet may begin to leak.


Cartridge single lever mixer consists of two discs made of ceramic, as in the case of ceramic valve-boxes, and is a single piece, which, in case of breakage, changing completely.

It is compact, most durable and easy to control mechanism. From the design perspective, this option presents the greatest scope for choosing a suitable model mixer. However, you must remember that all single lever faucets are sensitive to water quality and preferably the installation of the pipes filters purification.

Various options for the installation of faucets

To choose a mixer, you will have to decide exactly where it will be installed, especially now that it offers lots of options for every shape and preferences.

Installation options of the mixer:

  • wall (if the bath and sink are so close that you can do it all with one mixer, but in new houses this option is not always possible, as the pipe system in them is hidden and divorced separately for sinks and baths);
  • outdoor (very effective from the point of view of design, however, costly and requires a lot of space variant);
  • embedded (all liner pipes hiding behind the body of the sink or bath);
  • embedded in the rim of the tub (you can find the model of the bath, designed for this type of machine, or embed it in the normal acrylic bathtub);
  • ceiling (ceiling shower can provide a whole range of pleasant sensations and different options of water flow, but not always convenient for technical purposes).

Classification by application

Do not think that the same mixer suitable for sink in the kitchen and in the bathroom, because they differ not only in design, but structurally, for example, the length and direction of the spout, methods of control and installation, and materials. Consider specific options.

Basin mixer

As a rule, modern sinks apply embedded single-lever faucet with short fixed spout. The spout height of 12-15 cm is sufficient for washing hands and washing, besides, it would suit almost any, even shallow sink.

If the sink located in the bathroom next to the toilet, it makes sense to equip it with a hygienic shower, which are easy to replace and bidet can be installed to separate the bathroom without a sink. Its principle of operation is simple: water passes through the spout of the faucet above the sink, regulate its pressure and temperature. Basin mixer with hygienic shower fitted with a button, clicking which you direct the water flow through the hose. After water treatment, the key should be released and water will again run the spout into the sink.

Как не ошибиться при выборе смесителя

For kitchen sinks

In the kitchen are commonly used built-in mixers. Their main difference from the models for bathroom is the shape and size of the spout. For most kitchen faucets are characterized by long, swivel spout, allowing you to wash even large pots. The higher spout, the stronger the water pressure, however, and the likelihood that it would be in a spray, which means you’ll need a sink with a deep bowl. Choose a sink and faucet for the kitchen at the same time it is desirable that their dimensions match each other.
Kitchen faucets include a wide variety of materials. Featuring not only brass, bronze and chrome, but the original mixers-metal and plastic.

If the kitchen has a double sink or have the need to wash heavy dishware, you can install telescopic mixer, consisting of several hollow tubes. In this case it is better to choose a trusted manufacturer, because additional connections increase the risk of failure of joints, gaskets, etc.

If you want a kitchen faucet it covered a large area, it offers mixers with the exhaust pipe. Inside a small decorative crane hides hose 1-1. 5 m as a conventional soul, which you can use to reach different areas of the kitchen.

Как не ошибиться при выборе смесителя


First of all, we should note that the bathtub faucets can be combined with a shower.

Shower faucets are compact and do not have switch shower-bath and the spout, since the water is immediately fed to shower heads.

Как не ошибиться при выборе смесителя

Bathtub faucets with shower — the most common and versatile option. They are usually equipped with low spout and can be either fixed or swivel (suitable if one mixer is used for baths and sinks). In addition, the kit usually comes with a height adjustable shower holder.

Как не ошибиться при выборе смесителя

For shower rack

The reception is a bar with multiple shower heads and allows you to combine the functions of a bath and a shower stall. The top rack is stationary watering can, allowing you to change the mode of water flow and provide a massaging and relaxing effect. In addition to the upper lake on the rack is usually attached shower with flexible hose.

The alternative is a wall panel lake of arbitrary shape, directing water on you in the form of small rain drops with massage effect, so, it was called “tropical storm”.

Как не ошибиться при выборе смесителя

Ceiling shower

Ceiling shower is used to create the effect of home spa, which provides various modes of water supply from tight massage jets, relaxing rain. The size of the ceiling of the heads ranges from 15 to 50 cm in diameter and unusual.

This is a great option for relaxation, but a regular shower with a flexible hose for domestic use you still need.

Как не ошибиться при выборе смесителя


There are various options of mixers for bidets. You can choose a universal model, similar to the conventional mixer, however, is equipped with aerator that allows you to change the direction of the jet.

In addition to bidet will fit faucets with hose for hygienic shower and faucets with a spout for bidet function internal padding. In the latter case, the mixer is mounted on the bottom of the bowl.


The choice of mixers to suit different tastes and wallet today. Among the budget include a variety of mixers from China. The price of these products are really small however, it is unlikely that you can count on any guarantee of quality. Inexpensive cost and models of domestic production, for example, brand Rossinka.

If we talk about popular brands in the higher price categories, well-established in the domestic market, the most popular Grohe (Germany), Hansgrohe (Germany), Jacob Delafon (France), Roca (Spain), etc. In their collections you can find both simple and reliable model of the average price, and the more original and expensive options created by the famous designers.

Special types of faucets

Modern faucets can be equipped with additional features designed to make your daily life or professional activities more comfortable.

Thermostatic mixers

The thermostat ensures the water supply is strictly selected temperature and pressure, protecting from unpleasant surprises during water treatment. Thermostatic mixers can be electronic with display for settings and mechanical, does not require additional power source and tuning with levers and valves.

Как не ошибиться при выборе смесителя

Faucets with touch controls

Touch mixer has levers and valves and consists only of a crane. It is equipped with a photocell that respond to movement in a zone of about 30 cm using the special lever you set the optimal temperature of the water, which will be switched on and off automatically.

Touch mixer will save you from worrying about whether you turned off the faucet and does not burn the children. On the other hand, it is not suitable for the kitchen or for a set of baths, as there need each time different temperature. Basically touch faucets used in public restrooms to save water and hygiene.

Cascading mixers

Cascading mixers differ from the ordinary form of a spout, from which water flows a broad stream, resembling a waterfall. Their advantages are a stylish and original appearance, durability and the ability to separate installation when the crane is located at one end of the bath, and the controls in another, and the main drawback — relatively high cost.

Faucets with suction shower for hairdressers

For beauty salons for the convenience of the client and the master used special types of mixers with long pull-out shower. As a rule, they are single lever and is also equipped with an aerator to reduce splashing and ensure a softer stream of water even under strong pressure.

Surgical faucets

The main difference between surgical mixers — long handle that allows you to turn on and off the water with your elbow, not touching your hands to the mixer, which is caused by increased hygienic requirements.

Such mixers can be installed at home, such as in the kitchen and for people with disabilities.

Modern faucet is not just a utilitarian device, and the interior decoration, possible to ease your household chores and get pleasure from the water treatments. On the website santechsystemy.ru you can find truly wide selection of faucets for any type of premises, preferences and financial possibilities. You should go and see it for yourself!

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