How to avoid getting in trouble with Bank card

Как избежать неприятностей с банковской картой “StarHit” explains what to do in case you run the risk of losing money. To pay by card is convenient, but it is important to know what to do if you have problems with using it. We have put together these rules, which many people forget.
Как избежать неприятностей с банковской картой

the extra money

Your account suddenly replenished, and you don’t know who the sender is? To dispose of the received money is impossible, they are not yours. Most likely, someone did a transfer and selected the wrong card number. You need to go to the Bank to apply for a refund. Employees of the credit organizations themselves will find the person who designed the operation. So it is necessary to do and in case the mistake was made by the Bank and transferred into your account money.

You have used other people’s money coming to the account? Agree with the Bank on repayment term. If the amount is large, will constitute the agreement on a phased reimbursement. Refuse to return the amount the Bank will go to court.
Как избежать неприятностей с банковской картой

Usually do not make a decision in favor of the person who received the erroneous payment. The result means you still have to pay, and to reimburse legal costs. By the way, you can open a criminal case, accusing the embezzler for fraud.


You decide to withdraw cash, the device has written off a given amount from the account, but from the window the money does not come out? Urgently contact the Bank. If the terminal does not belong to your credit institution and another Bank, call there. Sometimes, the problem resolves immediately. Device just remotely reboot. Thus, a program crash is fixed, and the machine gives you money. If not, you have to go to the Bank and write a statement. The document be in two copies, one certified technician, give to the client.

Как избежать неприятностей с банковской картой

Next comes the investigation. First check the electronic log, which recorded all transactions. And then do a collection and compare the actual balance with what is in the body of the ATM. The difference back to the client. Similarly, do that, if you contributed cash, and the machine swallowed them, not adding to the Bank account. erroneous payment

Suppose, for example, by using the card you accidentally added to the balance of another phone. In this case, you must call the Bank and try to cancel the operation. Most likely, you will have to go to the credit institution and to write a statement.

The money from the account is not written off immediately, we reserve. The operation complete in a day. If you act quickly, refund will do. By the way, so need to do the same, if you had made any other incorrect payment: let’s say you made a mistake with the recipient’s details.
Как избежать неприятностей с банковской картой


Many believe that, if you remove all the money from the account and stop using the plastic card, then for maintenance do not have to pay. This is not so. The Bank kindly and without asking for your consent to provide a loan. With the allocated amount it will deduct the money to pay off your debt for account maintenance. Of course, don’t forget to charge and the interest. So just put the card on the shelf will not work. Don’t want to use – come to the Bank where it was issued, and write a statement requesting to cancel the account.