Как быстро летит время: Ринго Старр стал прадедушкой!
In the family of legendary “the Beatles” appeared for the fourth generation.

Photo: Instagram.com

declared the representative of the famous musician Ringo Starr became a grandfather! Granddaughter Tatia Starkey blessed musician’s great-grandson, who was named stone Tacoma. She is the granddaughter
Ringo is the daughter of the son of Ringo Zak. Curiously, his son and granddaughter
inherited musical ability, Starr. That is, if the young stone, when
I grow up, I want to make music, it will be fourth generation
musicians in this family.

and he can’t believe that managed to live up to the great-grandchildren: childhood
he was exceptionally fragile health. As a child he nearly died from
peritonitis, after the hospital more than six months. And then he doesn’t
even luckier, he contracted tuberculosis! However, Ringo is fully
recovered, but still managed to live to 76 years,
retaining the vigor of the body and creativity!

it has become known, currently
Ringo is actively working on his 19th solo album. His solo
he began his career in the 70’s, after the breakup of the Beatles. And, incidentally, for their
merit, now as an independent musician he was re-inducted into the Hall of Fame
Rock-n-roll and received a “star” on the walk of fame. As for
the album, as announced by Starr, for him music has eight songs. So
soon we can expect the next masterpiece of the musician.

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