Как звезды отреагировали на смерть Стэна Ли?

That night in the hospital died Stan Lee, the Creator of all your favorite Marvel comics. Under the light hand of the writer, actor and producer was born the famous characters like Iron Man, Hulk, Black Widow, X-Men and many others. Stan died at 96 years old.

Как звезды отреагировали на смерть Стэна Ли?

The exact cause of death is not yet known. It is reported that an ambulance to the house of the Creator of the Marvel called his family. Lee died at the medical center Los Angeles cedars-Sinai immediately after arrival. It is known that in recent years the actor was suffering from pneumonia and vision problems. About the death of Lee said his daughter.

A lot of actors and filmmakers grieved the death of his idol, friend and colleague. Celebrities have spoken out about the loss of social networks.

Hugh Jackman played the legendary Wolverine in the movies about “x-Men” and own the final movie: “We have lost a true genius. Stan Lee was a true pioneer in the universe of superheroes. I am so proud that even a small degree, but involved in his heritage and… have helped “revive” one of his characters on the screen.”

Robert Downey Jr. remembered role Iron Man: “I owe it All to you. Rest in peace, Stan”.

Как звезды отреагировали на смерть Стэна Ли?
Mark Ruffalo is not in the same movie is played and the terrible green of the Hulk: “a sad, Sad day. Rest in power, Uncle Stan. You made this world a better place through the power of the modern mythology that you have created, and thanks to your love for this ungrateful thing — human existence…”

Chris Evans appeared in the role of a bold and strong Captain America: “In the world there will never be another Stan Lee. For decades he created for young and old readers the real adventure, the opportunity to escape, to find comfort, confidence, inspiration, strength, friends and happiness. He radiated goodness and love, and influenced a lot of lives. Excelsior!!”

Jessica Alba played a Woman invisible in Fantastic four: “Take a moment to thank the great Stan Lee for his kindness. A great honor for me to be part of his universe. The experience that I gained on the set of “Fantastic four,” playing the Invisible woman, was very important for me as a young actress. We’ll miss you.”

Как звезды отреагировали на смерть Стэна Ли?
Jamie Lee Curtis: “Thank you, Stan Lee. Because you were standing guard over our freedom, creativity and imagination! You were and always will be a SUPERHERO!”

Chris Hemsworth played the son of Odin, of Thor: “Rest in peace, my friend. Thank you for an incredible adventure, your stories who have supported all of us. My love and support of all your friends and family.”

Elon Musk: “Rest in peace, Stan Lee. Many worlds, full of imagination and happiness that you created for mankind, and will exist forever.”

Chris Pratt appeared in a series of movies Guardians of the Galaxy: “Thanks for everything, Stan Lee! What life is and how good she was spent! I consider myself incredibly lucky that I was fortunate enough to meet you, and to prove to the world that you created”.

Zoe Saldana is embodied on the screen Gamora in “Guardians of the Galaxy”: “Today we lost one of the greats. Stan Lee, you were an inspiration and a superhero for all of us. Thank you for all that you brought into this world, and that you showed us all, to strive”.

Samuel L. Jackson: “Thank you, Stan Lee for escape from this world and happiness that I was in another world — created by you! You made so many people believe in good and heroic, the bad and the awesome. And most importantly — you were always generous and noble on all of us. Rest in peace”.

Kevin Feige (President of Marvel Studios): “no One has had such a great impact on my career and my life for Marvel Studios, Stan Lee. He leaves behind an amazing legacy that will outlive us all. Our thoughts are with his daughter, his family and millions of his fans.”

Death Stan Lee was commented by the official representatives of the company DC, which is also engaged in the production of popular comic book movies: “It has changed the way we look at heroes, and modern comics will forever be under his influence. His infectious enthusiasm reminded us all why we love these stories and these heroes. Excelsior, Stan”.

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