Сколько заплатит Серена Уильямс за нарушения на US Open?

It seems that motherhood has affected the mental state tennis player Serena Williams, because she snapped at one of the matches. Now Serena will have to pay not a small amount of the fine. So, what happened?

Among the latest developments in the world of sports most memorable was the end of the tournament US Open, the final of which was found Serena Williams and Naomi Osaka. Referee Carlos Ramos issued a warning to Serena for the help from coach Patrick Mouratoglou. The tennis player disagreed with the comments and start to sort things out with the judge. Bad moods and stress have a negative impact on the next game, which she lost.

Angry because of the loss of the tennis player smashed his racket that the judge also considered a violation and took the point. She insulted the judge, calling him a thief, for which he also received a fine. In the end, the match was won by rival of Serena’s, and the player needs to pay a rather big amount of the fine for violations.

As informs Agency Associated Press, the 36-year-old tennis player will have to pay ten thousand dollars for verbal abuse of a judge, four thousand dollars for the tips coach and three thousand dollars for a broken racket. A total of 17 thousand dollars will be charged Serena. However, Williams did not lose a lot, because the prize for the tournament is 1.85 million dollars. The money will be considered with this amount.

Serena had once been punished for improper conduct during the semifinals of the US Open. Then in 2009, it threatened the referee, “shove the ball down your throat” if he’s not going to judge the match objectively. At the time, Williams was fined only $ 500.

Previously, Serena was on the court for other reasons. The tournament “Roland Garros” many were waiting for, but Serena Williams was not destined to go on court with Maria Sharapovoj, against which she had to play. Shortly before the match, the tennis player hurt his hand, which are unable to go to court.

“Unfortunately, I’m having a problem with the chest muscle. I am physically unable to serve, in the condition to play hard,” said 36-year-old Williams at a press conference, the words of which are broadcast on his Twitter account, the organizers of the tournament. Maria Sharapova are automatically put in the 1/4 finals.

“This is a difficult decision. I love to play with Mary… But I promised myself and my team that will not play if I don’t feel ready at least 60 percent. Never in my life felt so. It’s hard. I’m incredibly frustrated, because for this moment sacrificed so much — time spent with family, with my daughter. Why I’m so uneasy now.”