Сколько Сафронов, Сябитова и Гогунский потратят на новогодний стол The average citizen of our country spend on food and drink about eight thousand rubles. “StarHit” learned how much money from the budget is ready to allocate for the main night of the year stars.
Сколько Сафронов, Сябитова и Гогунский потратят на новогодний стол

According to Rosstat, the Russians walk will cost 17 600 rubles. 44% of this amount will be spent on gifts, 11% – on entertainment, and 45% or 7920 rubles on food and drinks. “StarHit” associated with celebrities, to say how many they have set aside for the celebration.

“Oh, this must have mum to ask!” – exclaimed the illusionist Sergey Safronov after we inquired about the cost of his new year’s table. Having survived last year’s divorce, Safronov celebrates the holidays with his parents.

Сколько Сафронов, Сябитова и Гогунский потратят на новогодний стол“They cooked two huge pots of salads: the mother says, his dad is a crab, – said Sergey. – Bake chicken in the oven, cook the potatoes and sprinkle with greenery, will make the jelly clear for whom: we have nobody to eat it, but cook always – tradition. What save is on champagne. Take the “Soviet” for 200 rubles, will open under the chiming clock, pour by the glass, but the drink will not be preferred vodka. To buy food to the table will take about 12 thousand rubles.”

Rose Sabitova the celebration will cost 50 thousand rubles. But, fortunately, to get the full amount out of pocket will not have a luxury shopping capital, with which cooperates the host of “let’s get married!”, already sent her a chic grocery cart.

“Before you go to an event, specify what they present to me, says Rosa “StarHit”. Partners are not stingy and always put and black caviar, both red and expensive alcohol. However, the latter is useless – do not drink”.

Сколько Сафронов, Сябитова и Гогунский потратят на новогодний стол“Yes, and in food try to limit myself. Only got into shape for the New year, as the shooting stretched brides and grooms with gifts – mostly of pickles. Here we have Larissa Guzeeva crisp cucumbers – not to offend the guests. But still under the chiming clock will allow your brand Olivier and children will be served. Denis Ksenia visit me on December 31, but before midnight leaving, mark will be one.”

But the actor Vitaly Gogunsky with his wife Irina and her parents – on the contrary, I love a sparkling drink. “To make table more will mother Ira, – says Vitali “StarHit”. – She loves to spoil us on holidays, my daughter Milana really looking forward to her Olivier, herring under a fur coat, oven baked meat.”

“Under the chiming clock will traditionally drink brotherhood, and kiss: I’m with Ira, mother – in-law with father-in-law. Alcohol, incidentally, constitute the main part of the costs, it will take about 10 thousand rubles. But in General for something to eat and to drink, give about 25 thousand.”