How long after a divorce was received by the wife of the richest man in the world?

Сколько после развода получила жена самого богатого человека в мире?

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is the richest man according to Forbes. His fortune was estimated at $ 150 billion! He and his wife Mackenzie were considered the richest couple in the world, at the same time, no one knew of their impending departure. How much did the wife of the richest person after a divorce?

Сколько после развода получила жена самого богатого человека в мире?

In January it became known that the star decided to divorce. Jeff and Mackenzie posted on Twitter a statement in which he said about the divorce. “We want people to know about the changes in our lives. As you know our family and close friends, after a long period of research and trial separation, we decided to get a divorce and continue our life together as friends,” wrote the couple.

The media found out that the couple at the beginning of the marriage was not a marriage contract which would have distributed property and set the conditions in the event of divorce, under the rules of Washington state, any assets accumulated during marriage are divided in half. now the former wife of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos Mackenzie on his Twitter page, announced the completion of the divorce process.

To sue for half of everything, ex-husband of Mackenzie could not or did not want, but will receive a 25% interest in Amazon and the spouse will receive 4% of the company. “I’m glad that the process of divorce with Jeff ended with mutual support,” wrote Mackenzie. She said that now she “can’t wait to implement his own plans” and thanked her husband for the past. Jeff Bezos with his Twitter, also thanked her “for your kindness and support,” and noted that during 25 years of marriage, Mackenzie was “a wonderful partner and ally of the mother.”

As reported by the portal Hollywoodlife, Jeff has a mistress, and is a TV presenter and actress Lauren Sanchez! You probably know her from the films “We bought a zoo”, “Ted 2” and “Fantastic four”.

According to a source, the stars met a few years ago for work. Jeff turned to the presenter to arrange the shooting from the air for their private space firms Blue Origin. Some time the businessman was able to hide the affair, but it lasted not so long. When Geoff’s wife found out about it, then immediately filed for divorce. “For her it was a big shock. Jeff long disguised and never even gave reason to suspect. One of their associates did not know”, — quotes girlfriend Lauren the portal Hollywoodlife.

Recall, the stars were married for 25 years (since 1993) and four children: three sons and a foster daughter. Together Jeff and Mackenzie founded the organization Bystander Revolution, which helps children and teenagers deal with bullying, and the charity Day One Fund, designed to develop children’s gardens and to help homeless families.

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