How interior design can help to beat depression and bad habits

Как дизайн интерьера может помочь победить депрессию и вредные привычки

The interior and everyday habits, at first glance, unrelated. Indeed, as the situation may affect my resolve not to eat after 18.00 or quit Smoking? All depends entirely on personal will power: want to start or quit — and did! Alas, everyone who has ever decided “to start a new life Monday”, well aware that to get rid of bad habits or to get useful is not so easy.

Как дизайн интерьера может помочь победить депрессию и вредные привычки

How does it work?

For starters, remember how it doesn’t exactly work, because people who rather say to yourself: “tomorrow I will start running every morning” and really doing that, either do not exist or do not read article on psychology online. These mythical leave lucky alone!

Как дизайн интерьера может помочь победить депрессию и вредные привычки

To change something in yourself deep enough for most of us, according to psychologists, is required to deal seriously with internal beliefs, the benefits and incentives from the external environment. In this case, quite noticeable changes in the environment inevitably leads to changes in daily habits, to be sure, enough to go on vacation, change of residence or work. Many things change, isn’t it?

Important: scientists believe that in a stable environment life processes become automatic!

As soon as the environment changes, the processes (and therefore habits) are transferred from the category of automatic actions in the category of conscious, and therefore easier to monitor and control. A simple example: if we ban Smoking in the apartment, she shooed every time the smoker in the rain on the stairs, the likelihood that people will be Smoking much less. Check out this experiment at home or in the office (removing convenient Smoking room from the floor), everyone can.

Как дизайн интерьера может помочь победить депрессию и вредные привычки

In this simple pattern lies the answer to the question, how the interior can help us in the fight against harmful habits and acquire useful: changing the environment to get rid of automatism and change everyday!

Work above mistakes: changing daily habits

How to practice to begin to change your life with the help of the interior?

Change the frequency of action

Start small: if you want to do something not so often, for example, bite, do everything you can to complicate his life. Snacks and other snacks put on the farthest shelf in the kitchen and from the sofa or bed get a coffee table, where it was convenient to store cups and plates with sandwiches and chips. If to take food, each time have to get up, to go somewhere and then strain, in half of the cases, you will simply become too lazy to do it. Voila, laziness can also be used with benefit!

Как дизайн интерьера может помочь победить депрессию и вредные привычки

This same technique can be used if you want, for example, spending less time in front of the TV — hide the remote from him to hell, better yet remove the batteries. Instead, equip the apartment is a cozy nook for reading or a useful hobby.

Change associative array

If you are used to doing a certain thing in a certain place, but something begins to go wrong or the process slows down, try changing the place! This technique works well in the fight against procrastination, for example, if you become difficult to focus on your process, try to take the laptop and move to another room.

Как дизайн интерьера может помочь победить депрессию и вредные привычки

Reminder: do not confuse the situation. If in the workplace you really plan to work hard, create a cozy and relaxing atmosphere and keep everything you need in max fine.

Deprive yourself of escape routes

The majority of choice situations creates in us anxiety and stress, which adversely affects the motivation to do something useful. The more rigid you put yourself, the easier it will be to make scheduled, without wasting time and energy on excuses and hesitations.

For example, you want to do exercises in the morning or more often vacuuming the floor. Opt for this specific time period and set a loud alarm for that time so that it called every day. While a yoga Mat or a cleaner should be as near at hand and in sight. The algorithm is simple: the alarm rings, you don’t have to spend time looking for equipment — everything ready for excitement!

Struggling with depression

What to do if you have to fight not just with a bad habit to scatter around the house or socks to chew on the chips in front of the TV, and with such a serious psychological problem, like depression? Of course, if you or your loved ones are detected for a long period the symptom of this anxiety, you should consult a specialist! But at the household level to help people cope with depression, anxiety and apathy also is possible.

Как дизайн интерьера может помочь победить депрессию и вредные привычки

Interior design tricks that help beat depression:

  • the bed should be only for sleeping! The man in the apathetic state, it can be difficult to get up of bed in the morning, so if you want to rest, use the chair, the chair, in extreme cases, a sofa, but do not lie down on the bed “5 minutes”;
  • the more activity the better! Disassemble old photos, interior accessories, fold linen neatly in the closet. Action should not be too complex or difficult, they will simply help you to escape from sad thoughts;
  • in the morning and during the day keep curtains open — the sunlight helps overcome depression;
  • add in the interior of bright colors, even if I have to do this “would”. A depressed person tends to see the world in shades of gray, fight it with the help of external positive incentives;
  • eat more fruits and vitamins;
  • try to communicate more with people and often go out, even if you do not want to do it.

Remember that the environment around us directly affects the mood, and our daily habits, so that to approach it very carefully, and any positive changes in life complex to promote!

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