How did the scandal between Nikolayev and Malikov?

Чем закончился скандал между Николаевым и Маликовым?
The artists quarreled in social networks.

Dmitry Malikov

Photo: @Instagram dmitriy_malikov Dmitry Malikov

Igor Nikolaev and Dmitry Malikov on the eve of a show for the fans in the Network show. Famous actors publicly clashed in a verbal altercation. What could embroil old friends? It turned out that the reason for the scandal was harmless recording of Dmitry of congratulations in social networks.

“Don’t like it when the stars are congratulating each other, somehow not ice all of these nyashi-manasi… After all, everyone familiar with each other! I want to congratulate call! And bring an expensive gift or at least a cake. How do you think?” — expressed his opinion Dmitry. Igor for some inexplicable reason, terribly offended by the statement Malikov. “The hint. I’m sorry I congratulated. It was in January. But “sport no disqualification”, it is possible to congratulate on the phone and in Instagram, she posted a piece of the “Old songs” that we filmed, because it’s a cute pleasant memories and they do not really give… again I’m sorry I congratulated. Good luck!” — responded Igor.

Probably, the conflict between musicians began long before this publication. After all, how else to explain the sharp reaction of Nikolaev? A little later he continued: “Yes, it is clear that Dimon, no hints… And the dead can be remembered? Say, the birthday from them? For Example, Tchaikovsky? Or Mozart? Because they have no expensive present, no cake, you don’t give? And the post is excellent – a violent reaction of public is guaranteed. Well done!”

After his last comment Igor stopped responding, Dmitry. Malik confessed that he did not expect such a reaction from his colleagues and hopes that this case will not affect friendship with Nikolayev.