How did jewelers engagement ring Megan Markle

Как ювелиры делали обручальное кольцо Меган Маркл

Designers wedding dresses Kate Middleton recently spoke about how it was created and what task was set before them. They took a sample and jewelers who created the engagement ring that Prince Harry gave Meghan Markle. As you know, it was created by personal design of the Prince. Took up the Royal challenge of the master of Cleave and Company. Jeweller David Thomas, who performed the main task in creating jewelry, said in an interview. He did not just created a unique ring design on the personal Prince, but kept a big secret.

Как ювелиры делали обручальное кольцо Меган Маркл

“It was the biggest and hardest secret I’ve ever had to keep,” says Thomas.

In the design of the ring included a large diamond from Botswana and two smaller diamonds taken from a tiara of Princess Diana. The cost of the jewelry Thomas is not named. “Jewelers are like doctors: we never talk about its customers,” said the jeweler. After became aware of the wizard who created the ring, he got great attention from the public. It surprised Thomas.

“Yellow gold has been chosen because she prefers it. Main stone I received from Botswana and little was taken from the collection my mom in a sign that she is with us in this crazy journey,” early said Prince Harry about the choice of decorations.

Not only the jeweler decided to break the silence, but the Royal family chef Darren McGrady. He told reporters about the choice of cake that Megan Markle will make. “It is likely that for the first time in history the pair will depart from tradition and did not order the fruit cake. I wonder if Megan will choose a layered sponge cake, which is popular in the United States. It is quite possible to do this, she will even find an American pastry chef in London,” said Darren, adding that the choice of wedding cake is usually carried by the bride.

Choose the toppings and taste of the cakes you need right now, because the cake can take up to 4 months. Once a pair decide which cake he wants to see the celebration, begin searching for a pastry chef who would do it. Start preparing the wedding cake should already in January, in time for the celebration. A week before the wedding it will begin to decorate.

The Royal chef said he did not believe the rumors of the couple’s love for banana cake. Although Darren says that Prince Harry and Prince William as a child were big fans of banana desserts, and he often for them to cook banana muffins.