Как и зачем используют соцсети звезды пенсионного возраста “StarHit” know what you are doing in the Internet of older celebrities. Svetlana Kryuchkova sings anthem “God bless the cat!”, but Yevgeny Petrosyan blocks those who wrote to him, “You still alive?”.

      Как и зачем используют соцсети звезды пенсионного возраста

      The star has long been understood that social networks is a great way to tell fans about the news from your life, whether it be the addition to the family or the release of a new album. Celebrities, too, were no exception. In recent times they are increasingly embracing modern technologies to delight fans every day. So, Ilya Reznik helps to blog his wife Irina, and Svetlana Kryuchkov loves to “hang out” on Facebook. Yevgeny Petrosyan rejoice in the comments of subscribers in Instagram, but Larisa Rubalskaya completely ignores reading messages from strangers. View famous writer supports Efim Shifrin.

      Efim Shifrin worried that his grandchildren would be dependent on “Instagram”

      Artistic Director of “Shifrin-Theatre” to the Internet for you – since 2008 he writes a blog in “LiveJournal”. A new page in the “Classmates” 60-year-old actor a few years ago pushed living in Israel older brother Samuel.

      “He convinced me that there it will be easier to find lost friends or relatives,” says Efim Zalmanovich.

      Shifrin also recorded in the “Facebook”, “Instagram” and “Facebook”. The number of subscribers artist on all platforms is about 100 thousand people. Every day they watch as the actor visits the gym, sharing accomplishments and laying out his photo with a naked torso, rehearsing in plays, traveling…

      Efim Shifrin: “Losinogo husband” to a sex symbol

      “Followers are offended that I’m ignoring their questions. But I can’t spend in social networks the whole day! But my grandnephew is able to do, worried that they’re on their smartphones,” – says Yefim.

      Larisa Rubalskaya no time to read comments of subscribers

      Как и зачем используют соцсети звезды пенсионного возраста

      “Friend,” the 70-year old writer of Larisa Rubalskaya “Facebook” only 103 people is a celebrity only adds people he knows personally.

      “I checked in there 2 years ago, – says Larisa Alekseevna. – Must devote to reading the tape a couple of hours every night. Love quotes of great men”, the writer Tatyana Tolstaya, journalist Irina Petrovskaya”.

      While Rubalskaya admits that she writes rarely. “I’m saving my mental energy to write something – a song, a story. Photo also its not posting.

      Read comments from followers Larissa Alekseevna prefers not to waste time. “Try’s to take, says the writer. – Some send me a virtual postcard with glowing hearts and bouquets of roses, but I let it go”.

      Subscribers Yevgeny Petrosyan joke about his age

      Как и зачем используют соцсети звезды пенсионного возраста

      Comedian Yevgeny Petrosyan appeared in the vastness of Instagram six months ago. “Artist of my genre should have feedback from viewers, – explained the action of the 70-year-old Yevgeny vaganovich. – I relate well to youth, time and again sought out the talents among them and give them the way to the stage.

      Petrosyan admits that comes to your blog once a day to check the comments from the fans. To star a page, it helps the administrator. He is not following anyone yet. “Somehow the thought never came to mind,” – says celebrity. Eugene Vaganovich can be called active and popular blogger, he posts one or two pictures a day, having more than 19 thousand people. One star even hacked.

      “Because of this, I could not go to the blog,” says the comedian. – Then the developers have detected suspicious activity on my page and blocked it. After a week the situation was corrected”.

      Petrosyan admits that he nice comments subscribers to its records. “They remember, as I was at my concerts many years ago, or listened to my records once, and this I now tell,” says the comedian. But not all responses reading Yevgeny Vaganovich correct.

      “There are bullies who might ask “You still alive?” It is a question of their moral status, and I feel sorry for them. I don’t respond to such attacks, and my Manager simply deletes”.

      Svetlana Kryuchkova is subscribed to the updates of the group “cat house”

      Как и зачем используют соцсети звезды пенсионного возраста

      Actress of theatre and cinema in its 65 – active user of Facebook. “The page started with the filing of the eldest son, Dmitri, living in France. – At any time, by posting a photo of yourself on stage, I give the sign to their children: the mother is alive and healthy, she’s fine – after all I’m not very young… But thanks to Messenger I free call anywhere in the world – it is convenient. In vain many believe spending time on Facebook is stupid – there are a lot of interesting information. Department head, Russian state library for arts, Faith Murzinova, for example, puts the most interesting things – I love to read it.”

      Svetlana Kryuchkova’s fighting cancer

      Thanks to social networks Svetlana establishing business contacts.”Once I “surrendees” with a very serious man, he invited me to Prague with a program of Marina Tsvetaeva – shares Kryuchkov. – After this, again using Facebook, I became friends with a woman from Switzerland who invited me to speak in front of her compatriots.” The star admits that on its page in social networks there are certain rules.

      “I’m not a politician and posts in the field is removed, – confessed Svetlana Nikolaevna. But I love to sit in the group “cat House”, there is even the national anthem is “God save the cat!”. Also interested in the public about butterflies, colors, art, some smeshnogo – they are online a lot, gotta hear this!”


      Как и зачем используют соцсети звезды пенсионного возраста

      Songwriter find on the Internet is not so easy – the celebrity was in “Facebook” under the name “Little country” is the song, the lyrics for which was written by Ilya Rahmielevich. Active user Reznik will not name – on the page he comes once a month, he has “friends” only 64 people, and on the wall – only 4 publication.

      Ilya Reznik for the first time openly spoke about the fight with Pugacheva

      “With friends I prefer to talk in person, but may over time change my mind”, – commented Ilya Rahmielevich. But the blog of his wife read more than 800 people, it also deals with organizational issues of the eminent spouse.

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