How and when to prune trees

Как и когда обрезать деревья

Without timely and proper trimming of trees is quite difficult to form a correct crown and achieve good yields. Many novice gardeners this procedure is scary, but it is no big deal. In this article we will tell you how and when to prune the trees.

Как и когда обрезать деревья

When to prune trees

Pruning is best done in late winter — early spring, when the trees have not yet appeared leaves.

Note: if you notice on the tree, dead branches, no need to wait for the right time, they can be cut anytime.

If we are talking about fruit trees, to distinguish the dead branches in the flowering period, they simply won’t flower.

How to trim large trees

Self-pruning of large trees is not recommended, as it is associated with the risk of injury. In this case, it is better to invite specialists. Large trees do not require annual pruning.

How to prune small trees

Pruning young trees allows to form a neat crown, and also to provide better air circulation, access to sunlight. A properly trimmed tree will be healthier.

Note: make sure you work with clean, sharp secateurs. If the pruner is not to be processed after each tree, from one plant to another you can transfer fungus and other diseases.

First remove all the dried and diseased branches diseases. Do not make a cut flush to a main branch, but also leave too large a knot is also not necessary. Here’s an example of the slice.

Как и когда обрезать деревья

Also need to trim all crossing branches and those that hinder others to grow normally. If the purpose of pruning is to give the crown some form, often pull back and monitor the process in order not to trim too much.

How to trim fruit trees

When pruning fruit trees is howling specifics. The main goal of this procedure — not to shape the crown, and to provide the highest yield. A fruit tree should it be possible compact, it is desirable to leave only the healthy and strong branches.

You also need to remember to cut some fruit, if they are fastened too much. Some experts even say that out of every 20 of the fruit to leave only one. But here are all individually, and we need to act according to circumstances.

Prune trees at the appropriate time, adhering to proper technique, and your garden will look great and will delight you with a bountiful harvest.

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