How about you? Scientists how much you need sex at every age

А как у тебя? Ученые о том, сколько нужно секса в каждом возрасте

American experts have found how often to make love people in different periods of life.

Scientists from the American Institute. Kinsey, who conducts research in the field of sex, published recommendations on how often to make love to people of different age categories. The numbers turned out such…

To 30 years, doctors advise to have sex 112 times a year, or twice a week. In the group from 30 to 40 years this figure falls to 86 times per year (i.e. three times in two weeks). And after 40 will be only one sex in a week, more precisely, 69 times a year. And, curiously, upper age limit is not here.

Note: this is the minimum! In fact, statistics show that people make love much less frequently. According to sexologists, 15 percent actually “doing it” a few times a year. Which, of course, is not the best way affects their health. And total abstinence, according to the doctors, and even dangerous, so the number “once a month” they took as critical.

Of course, it is only “average temperature on hospital”. Besides we are talking only about health, so the emotional background and other less important things this time left out of the equation. But, as stated, want – believe, want – check.

How often do you have sex? Honestly!

  • On schedule – once a week
  • Every day. And more than once!
  • Can’t even remember when was the last time…
  • Three times a week. Often does not work – tired at work
  • Do not conduct statistics, as it will