Houseplants that do not require complex care

Комнатные растения, не требующие сложного ухода

If you like gardening, but not a suburban area, where you could “unburden”, you can practice on houseplants. Houseplant is an interesting and useful hobby, because the greenery purifies the air, and just pleasing to the eye. But not all plants will suit the beginner, because some of them are quite sophisticated and require considerable knowledge and skills.

In this article we will talk about houseplants that do not require complex care.


Комнатные растения, не требующие сложного ухода

This houseplant can be bought in almost every flower shop, and it is quite unpretentious. Prefers soil with good drainage, likes good lighting. Pour peperomiyu need when the soil surface is completely dry.

Araucaria heterophylla

Комнатные растения, не требующие сложного ухода

This coniferous tree, which will remind you of Christmas even in summer. Araucaria likes good light, but under direct sunlight, this plant should not be followed. Over time, the monkey can grow up to 3 meters in height. Prefers moist air, so the pot should be placed away from heaters. Water when the soil feels dry it seems.

Chlorophytum crested (pucnik)

Комнатные растения, не требующие сложного ухода

Despite the unusual name, you are probably faced with this plant. Its distinguishing feature is the method of reproduction. From the main plants grow long stems, the ends of which grow plants kids. These shoots should be placed in water, and when they take root, can be planted in the soil. The leaves of pucnika look very interesting because of the variegated colors. In the soil it is desirable to maintain a constant humidity. If the Chlorophytum is not enough water, its leaves will begin to fade. After normalization of the moisture in the leaves regain color.

Schefflera localista

Комнатные растения, не требующие сложного ухода

It is a large plant with glossy dark green leaves, which form small fans at the end of each stem. Scheffler height can reach 2.5 meters. If the plant will be lacking sunlight, the stems are going to grow, and schefflera will not look so impressive. Watered sparingly.

Grape ivy

Комнатные растения, не требующие сложного ухода

Not to be confused with the usual ivy, which is poisonous varieties. This plant with bright green leaves shaped like oak leaves. It is excellent for growing in hanging pots. Can grow in low light conditions, but feels best at moderate light and watering.


This plant is quite difficult to kill, even if desired. It can even revive after the decay due to insufficient irrigation. Aspidistra can tolerate the lack of sunlight. Best aspidistra feels in conditions of moderate light and humidity.

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