House Taylor swift snuck into the unknown

В дом Тэйлор Свифт пробрался неизвестный

The security team Taylor swift hurried and arrested an unidentified man who tried to get into the new York apartment of the singer.
The guards detained the attacker and called the police. The man insisted that he had tried to get into someone else’s house “by accident”, he supposedly didn’t even know it – home of the celebrity.

In the hands of the detainee had a bag, but that was inside of her, not reported. As unknown still and then, before he could take anything from Taylor home, or not. Source from the new York police Department described the attacker as “emotionally unstable”. Shortly after his detention, he was sent to the hospital to evaluate his mental state.
We will remind that in February of this year, two unidentified men tried to break into the house swift in Los Angeles. This is the downside of fame.

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