House Taylor swift is recognized as a historical landmark

Дом Тейлор Свифт признан исторической достопримечательностью

The city Council of Beverly hills decided that Taylor swift did quite a lot for the city and the country as a whole, to make her home in the official list of historic landmarks. Note that the appropriate application form, the singer filed for consideration personally in January 2017.

Note that the Taylor house to record in the register the relationship still has not. More precisely, when making decisions, its professional or any other activity was not considered. The house was made a historic landmark, because previously, there lived the legendary Hollywood producer Samuel Goldwyn, who himself and built in 1934. Recall that Goldwyn is the founder of three of the most famous Hollywood film studios — Paramount Pictures, Metro-Goldwin-Mayer, and Samuel Goldwin Productions.
Swift became the owner of this unique estate in 2015.