House of Prince will make a Museum

Из дома Принса сделают музей

Leaving us the best…last week it added to the list of legendary performer Prince. The reasons why heart 57-year-old musician stopped, were named recently by doctor drew Pinsky. According to the medical examiner, the Prince died as a result of wrong combinations of medicines, reports the New York Daily News. “Most likely, respiratory arrest occurred due to the intake of a mixture of opiates and benzodiazepines”, — said Pinsky. This means that Prince at the same time took painkillers and sleeping pills.

Whatever the reasons for the tragic demise of a man is gone, but left his legacy. The most probable heir to the estate of a musician is his own sister TIKA Nelson.

Secular tabloids confident that the TEC will have the right to dispose of property worth 300 million dollars. By the way, the plans about what to do with things owned by her brother, the woman already has. From the house, which actually died, the Prince, will be made a Museum where anyone can visit and see how the legend lived.

“We will turn Paisley Park into a Museum in honor of the Prince. This Museum will exist for the fans, because they were so worried and cared. Prince has always wanted his music, his legacy, is remembered for a long time”, said Maurice Phillips, the husband of the sister of the late artist.

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