Дом Лиама Хемсворта и Майли Сайрус сгорел вследствие пожара

In California raging raging fires that have already destroyed a lot of houses. People evacuated, save family and try to stay away from the inclement weather. 42 people were killed and 228 reported missing. More than 6 thousand buildings damaged, including homes of the stars. This time the family nest lost Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth.

Дом Лиама Хемсворта и Майли Сайрус сгорел вследствие пожара

In instagram account, Liam posted a photo of the remnants of the house. To the ground not burned LOVE letters that had previously adorned the family nest. “It was a heartbreaking few days. This is what is left of my house. Love. Many people in Malibu and the surrounding areas in California also lost their homes, and my heart reaches out to all those affected by these fires. Yesterday I spent the day in Malibu, and it was amazing to see people coming together to help each other in any way. I love you, Malibu. Thank you to all the heroes-the firefighters of California. Stay strong,” he wrote.

Miley tweeted that one of her loved ones were not injured. “I’m one of the lucky ones. My Pets and the LOVE of MY LIFE in security, and this is important at the moment. My house is gone, but will remain in the memories of the time I spent there with family and friends,” wrote the singer.

The loss of the home not gone unnoticed. The stars are very experienced for all who have lost their shelter. It became known that Miley and Liam has donated 500 thousand dollars to Fund Malibu, which helps victims of the fires. “Miley and Liam lost their home, but very grateful for the opportunity to be safe with their animals! Their society and country is very important to them, and they want to return to a place that has created so many wonderful memories for yourself and others,” shared an insider.

Houses have lost such stars: Gerard Butler, musicians Robin Thicke, Neil young.

But Kim Kardashian and Kanye West decided not to wait until their luxury mansion will be only embers and decided to hire a private team of firefighters, the purpose of which was to ensure the safety of the house. A squad of firefighters immediately surrounded the mansion, which (for a minute) worth $ 60 million, an earthen ditches. They did not allow the fire to approach the building. In the end the forest fires that burned the property of Kathleen Jenner and Gerard Butler, passed.

By the way, Kim and Kanye will be a long time grateful neighbors. General description the firefighters not only saved by his actions to the mansion of the stars, but coming home.

Director Guillermo Del Toro, whose film “water” has received numerous awards and was worried about his mansion bleak house, named after a novel by Charles Dickens, probably the most. It is a private Museum that consists of more than 10 thousand works of art.

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