House Harry Potter on Privet drive sold for fabulous sums

Дом Гарри Потера на Тисовой улице продан за баснословные деньги

“Harry Potter” has long been a brand that brings a fabulous money not only their Creator, but to the people who are to him an indirect relationship. For example, the owners of the house in which his childhood was spent a movie character, was able to help him more than half a million pounds.

Two-storey cottage with three bedrooms, in the County of Berkshire, known worldwide as the house on 4 Privet drive of Harry Potter, was specially erected for the filming of the first parts of the franchise.

The first owners of the house went for 290 thousand pounds. Povremenim with the sale of a few years, they managed to earn on the house twice – the transaction amount is 650 million pounds (over 50 million). The name of the new owner of the house Harry Potter is not called. Will he live there or make housing some sort of Museum, also not specified.