House amber rose has broken into while she slept

В дом Эмбер Роуз ворвался неизвестный, пока она спала

A strange incident occurred with an American model and actress amber rose. An unknown man broke into her Los Angeles house in the morning on 18 may, while everyone in the house slept.

As reported by TMZ, the offender broke into the house of a celebrity in the Valley of San Fernando, smashing her kitchen window. At this time she and amber, her mother, son, assistant and security guards (!) fast asleep. no one even guessed that got into the house someone else. It is found only in the morning when I saw the glass on the kitchen floor. Reviewing video from surveillance cameras, they made sure that the night it came an uninvited guest.
“We confirm that have received and recorded a call from amber, Levanchuk known as amber rose. No more details we do not disclose” — told reporters at the Los Angeles police Department.
We will remind that on the eve of amber’s evil to make fun of pregnant Beyonce, hinting that she was the mistress of her husband.