Hotshot: the Fans suspect that Natalia Podolskaya pregnant again

Глаз-алмаз: Фанаты подозревают, что Наталья Подольская вновь беременна Fans who like to notice the smallest details, I noticed the rounded belly of the singer. Natalia Podolskaya has published an amusing picture in his Instagram, the actress poses in a very loose grey jumper. Fans instantly reacted on the photo.
Глаз-алмаз: Фанаты подозревают, что Наталья Подольская вновь беременна

Natalia Podolskaya for several years now, since 2010, happily married to her husband Vladimir Presnyakov. The couple are raising two year old son Artemiy, however, fans suspect that in the star family again is expected addition.

Grey loose sweater and skirt to the floor caused the singer’s fans well, a very heated debate in the comments under her photo.

“How do you Wake up in the morning in the winter? I – with difficulty. Especially hard in the morning deciding what to wear for the whole day, so beautiful and comfortable,” admitted Natalia fans.

“Immediately struck by the lively”, “Yeah, my stomach is very big. What month is it?”, “I have the feeling that someone’s belly is growing, there’s no chance?!” – started to take interest in Internet users have a favorite singer.

Natalia decided not to respond to the speculation of fans.

Note that recently, the actress – a rare visitor receptions. Podolsky devotes almost all the time to the upbringing of the heir.

Natalia and Vladimir together for more than 10 years. They are considered one of the most beautiful star couples of domestic show-business. From their Union seems perfect. Despite that, Podolski can’t get used to some habits of famous husband.

“Vova – owl: loves Kolobrodov, when I look for ten sleep, – told the singer “StarHit”. – More than once I caught him after twelve composing music or watching series. I’m an early riser, accustomed in the morning to do everything. And Vova sometimes sleeps till noon! You have to walk on eggshells. I’m long accustomed. But quickly realized that the wolf can not be undone and its biological clock are what they are. So I had to adjust to a loved one. Now I plan in the morning all sorts of women’s Affairs – fitting dresses, a manicure. And when he wakes up, comes our time…”