«Hotly!”Svetlana Kamynina struck pole dancing

«Горячо!» Светлана Камынина поразила танцами на шесте
Star “Interns” are seriously interested in a half-dance.

Photo: Instagram/Stories

Svetlana Kamynina doesn’t cease to amaze the public with their success in pole dancing. Just 5 months ago, the actress shared with fans that started this erotic sport. Now demonstrates the real miracles! Along the way, the actress has a beautiful relief of muscle and real grace. Of course! It just seems that slide over the pole easily, and in fact, the body will employ a record number of muscles, but especially the “pumped” arms and legs.

“About results to speak early, — says the actress. But skill advanced dancers inspires me!»

2017-the year, incidentally, became a revelation. Star for the first time in my life tried to live a week without food. Of course, not just so, and with the aim of cleansing the body under the supervision of doctors.

“In the center Ulucay a large number of cleaning procedures, — she said. Is and monitor intestinal cleansing (because leftover food is in the intestine up to 10(!) days), hot tub (gentle sauna), panto-fir bath, and of course visceral massage is massage of the internal organs. As one of my friend-the doctor: “No foot of man can live, but without the bowel — no.” That is why it is so important that it worked like a charm! I have never in my life did not go hungry (with curative intent) for so long. I’ll keep you posted on what it’s like to do without your favorite food! Especially without the glazed curd cakes”.