Жаркие ночи в Сен-Тропе, минута молчания и амурские тигры 49th anniversary of the most famous hotel of the French capital yacht regulars celebrated habitually noisy.

    Жаркие ночи в Сен-Тропе, минута молчания и амурские тигры

    The headliner of the party, the singer Forces his summer Sanchez on the resort towns of the Cote d’azur is becoming a tradition – tried to start a speech with a minute of silence, but daring the audience to call the dark-skinned musician had not listened. “Set aside time for the champagne, put down the cigar, show respect for the dead, almost begged Forces.

    Heard it only after about five minutes, and not all. But at a charity evening Fund Leonardo DiCaprio, where the leading auction was himself, celebrity guests behaved much more civilized, and after the announcement of the start of the funeral of seconds at the tables came absolute silence.

    Жаркие ночи в Сен-Тропе, минута молчания и амурские тигры

    Prince albert II of Monaco, Lana Del Rey, Naomi Campbell, cate Blanchett and brilliantly presented the Russian part of the invited Sati Spivakov and Nikolai Sarkisov United in this moment of universal solidarity. Collected a total of $65 million Leonardo DiCaprio is also sent to the universal case – protect nature, and our Amur tigers in particular.

    In General, after the tragedy, the introduction of the red level of danger of tourists on local beaches has diminished, but the mores of the local crooks has not changed. 15 minutes in the presence of numerous dormant owners thieves robbed the Villa of the Prince of Saudi Arabia. The alarm they cut exactly on their schedule.

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