«Горячая мамочка»: Ким Кардашьян показала роскошное тело в облегающем платье

38-year-old reality star and blogger Kim Kardashian published a picture of a sexy bronze dress.

«Горячая мамочка»: Ким Кардашьян показала роскошное тело в облегающем платье

Kim Kardashian, who recently post basically advertising their brand of underwear and pictures of the children, decided to please subscribers beautiful photos of herself, but still in a luxurious dress.

So, in the photo the star published a outfit in which came out for the event. Kim tried on a fitted long dress bronze hue with Golden tints. It emphasized all the charms of her body: slim waist, curvy butt and long legs. Completed the outfit with a beige stiletto heel shoes that look like flip flops. Hairstyle a celebrity has done low-key: Kim’s hair lined and laid parted in the middle. Perhaps Kim is wearing a wig. Makeup on photo expressive, focused directly on the eyes and lips. The bronze dress is perfectly highlighted by the smooth Golden tan of the stars.

Subscribers have reacted to the new Kim Kardashian, calling her a “hot mom”, “first” and “unrealistic beauty”.

But not forgotten Kim to show off and another outfit is already its own brand. So, the celebrity published a photo in the body of regiogaranti from their own brand Skims.

— I wear bodysuit “Skims Solutionwear” in the shade Sienna. It provides full body support with built-in compression to smooth out the torso and “sculpt” the waist, – signed photo of Kim.

We will remind, the day Kim Kardashian introduced their lingerie collection “Skims Solutionwear” different sizes and styles. However, she had to change the name of the collection due to disputes with the Japanese.

Initially the collection was called “Kimono”. The representatives of Japan is not liked. According to them, the name offends their national costume, because the kimono is closed the clothes, which are quite similar to linen. Despite the fact that perechne goods brand has a real kimono that Kim Kardashian might release later, her fans from Japan insisted in renaming the brand. In Instagram even started a flash mob against Kim: many have begun to publish their pictures in a kimono under the hashtag #KimOhNo.

In the end, Kim Kardashian has listened to the requests of fans and has offered its subscribers in Instagram to invent a new name for a collection of underwear. Two months later, Kim renamed the line to “Skims Solutionwear”.

We will add, also recently Kim Kardashian for the first time, graced the cover of glamour “Vogue Arabia”. The celebrity starred in several sexy and gave an interview to her husband, rapper Kanye West. Creative Director of shooting has become a famous fashion designer Thierry Mugler.

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