Ведущий телешоу «Спросите повара» Юрий Рожков скончался в возрасте 45 лет
Colleagues of the presenter Express their condolences.

Yuri Rozhkov

As it became known, today has left the life of 45-year-old Yury Rozhkov. That was the reason for his sudden departure from life is not reported. The sad news was shared by colleagues and friends of the jury, who expressed their condolences on social networks.

Rozhkov had the title of knight of French gastronomy, and was also the winner of numerous awards, including had the title of Champion of Russia in cooking. Was in the Guild of chief cooks of Russia. Yuri also studied abroad in France, Swazie and England. Incidentally, Rozhkov was not only famous as a professional chef, but also as a presenter. The audience watched it in several cooking shows on television, “Week of food” and “Ask the chef”. Programmes Yury shared their invaluable experience with the audience and interacted with those who came to the Studio stars of show business. On account of his there were numerous publications of books about cooking.

Despite their rather fearsome appearance, colleagues always described Yuri as a very kind, sociable and friendly person.

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