Host of the show “10 years younger” Svetlana Abramova getting married

Ведущая шоу «На 10 лет моложе» Светлана Абрамова выходит замуж She received a proposal of marriage. TV presenter will soon go down the aisle with her lover, Anton. Celebrity did not hide his happiness and shared good news with all subscribers in the Network.

      Known for leading the First channel show “10 years younger” Svetlana Abramova is preparing for a significant life change. Her lover Anton made his beloved proposal of marriage. The presenter was moved by this act and felt in the seventh heaven from happiness. The joy of the upcoming wedding of Svetlana Abramova shared with your followers on social networks.

      “There comes a time, and we get the best offer” – that this romantic signature left the girl in the photo.

      In the picture the presenter captured the elegant engagement ring on the ring finger with a precious stone amid a gorgeous bouquet of white roses. Subscribers stars of the ether was genuinely happy for her. They congratulated the couple with this wonderful event.

      “Svetochka! I’m so happy!”, “Congratulations. The wedding is beautiful, Boundless love and happiness!”, “I Congratulate You! Happy New year,” “with all my heart!” – wrote followers.

      Abramov does not hide his real feelings for her future husband. Svetlana and Anton often spend time together, enjoying each other’s company. They met about three years ago, but for some time they lived separately and only gradually studied the nature and habits of each other. Not so long ago lovers have arranged a family nest. Long couple chose the apartment that we would have liked them both. Abramov had a dream that in the new house everything was perfect, especially because they spent a lot of time on home improvements. Host of the show “10 years younger” finished smart repair

      “Panoramic Windows, lots of mirrors, fabulous Italian furniture, especially the bed – she’s just my dream. Before moving I was choosing the dishes, Cutlery, everything that creates comfort. The final touch was the kettle, chose a cool model, which itself brew various types of tea, by all the rules. We hardly eat at home, especially everything new, do not want to violate the purity of glossy, Anton, it is easier to eat in the restaurant than to spend time at the stove” – shared his impressions of the presenter.