Host of the show “10 years younger” Svetlana Abramova for the first time became a mother

Ведущая шоу «На 10 лет моложе» Светлана Абрамова впервые стала мамой Svetlana Abramova has already announced what the name is of baby. Throughout pregnancy 31-year-old TV presenter was preparing for the birth of his daughter and sharing his experiences with fans.
Ведущая шоу «На 10 лет моложе» Светлана Абрамова впервые стала мамой

Leading the program of the First channel “10 years younger” Svetlana Abramova accepts numerous congratulations from fans and friends – she gave birth to a long-awaited child. Your joy star of the broadcast was shared on Twitter, posting a picture made by the hospital.

In the photo she has captured the face of his newborn daughter, which was covered by the hand. Svetlana did not make a secret of the name of the little girl and said, as he called the child. Apparently, the mother and daughter feel fine.

“My Nicole,” wrote the presenter.
Ведущая шоу «На 10 лет моложе» Светлана Абрамова впервые стала мамой

Throughout pregnancy Abramov shared their observations and talked about podeschi. Before the birth, she, together with her husband Anton Larsen bought everything needed for the first days of life daughter. Svetlana was very worried and tried to note any changes in the body, as reported in the microblog.

“During pregnancy has become particularly sensitive to rudeness, shouting, anger, mate. Even in the movies they can’t see and hear this stuff. Well, in my life, I found mostly positive light people!” – said Svetlana.

Ведущая шоу «На 10 лет моложе» Светлана Абрамова впервые стала мамой

For the 31-year-old presenter’s first child, as her husband Anton. Abramov confessed that can not even imagine what it’s like to be a mom. “Interested in girls question – was it morning sickness? No, not at all from day one and to this day lucky. Pulled in kiwi, lemons, pineapples, dates. Drinks – mint broth with lemon,” said the presenter.

Daughter Nicole was born, Svetlana and her husband Anton, a year after the wedding. They made a feast for all the family and friends of 19 July 2017 in one of the hotels near Moscow Barvikha. However, before this anniversary the couple lived together for about two years. However, they felt themselves United, and therefore have the housing and did repairs.

Host of the show “10 years younger” finished smart repair

Even before it is written each other vows of love and fidelity, Svetlana and Anton has decided on an extraordinary act – they had matching tattoos on the foot, to permanently seal the relationship. “We wanted to make it in the shape of a heart and infinity sign, there was a version with the letters A and S, which have been brought together in this form”, – told “StarHit” Larsen says.