Host of the program “ten years younger” Kate Gershuni opens school

Ведущая программы «На десять лет моложе» Катя Гершуни открывает школу The star begins to lecture at the beginning of 2017. Kate Gershuni planning to help women to find your style and learn how to emphasize your strengths. Celebrity would like to program it developed was available to everyone.

      TV presenter and fashion stylist Kate Gershuni, which at the moment participates in the project “lose Weight with “StarHit”, has long dreamed of creating their own schools of beauty and style. The school will be located in the center of Moscow near Prospect Mira and is expected to be launched early next year.

      “I love beauty, art, fashion, – has shared with “StarHit” Kate. – And yet a priori all the world to me is good, everything is good about it, and so I him always good! In General I love life and people. By the nature of its activities very much in touch with different people. So it was that I see a huge creative potential sleeping in our women and men. I want and I know how to Wake him up and breathe life. So came the decision to open a school. We have, incidentally, already in full swing repair and recruited a team of like-minded people! Of course, “StarHit” will be invited to the opening of the first! It will happen very soon.”

      At the moment, resolved financial issues. Gershuni plans to make training available to all. Katya herself appears in a new year in an updated form. From October 3 stylist is taking part in the project “grow thin with “StarHit”. After a difficult divorce, the star has gained weight up to 69 kilograms.

      “Six months ago, I broke up with my husband and eating! – told “StarHit” Kate. – We’re lucky to not have a sweet tooth. But can’t live without bread, buns, fatty and fried. The result is recovered up to 69 kg at the time, as my optimal weight of 59-60 kg. I work in the frame, the camera and without that slightly increases the volume. Besides, I on its example have to show how you can combine items of clothing. Of course, it is easier to do if the body is slender. And I now have to wear dresses oversize to cover the roundness. In the past I have had experience of loss. Many years ago I corroded to 86 kg, went to a nutritionist and dropped 26 pounds! Then periodically I gained weight, then lost weight. Tried all possible diets. But now I need the help of experts and a comprehensive approach.”

      Kate is losing weight under the supervision of Dr. Michael Gavrilov and have already dropped three pounds. To stop Gershuni does not intend and is continuing work on yourself.