Ведущая программы «Трудно быть боссом» на НТВ показала свой талисман Lisa Hamburg boasted elegant apartment. The star itself is engaged in the beautification of the apartment, so very proud of his home.
Ведущая программы «Трудно быть боссом» на НТВ показала свой талисман

A spacious apartment in one of the greenest districts of Moscow Lisa Hamburg moved a few years ago. The residential complex had just passed, and inside was a load-bearing wall. Layout the girl thought to herself.

“Designers share the weird square meters – made two rooms big, but the kitchen is small, says Lisa with “StarHit”. I wanted an open space, so I combined it with living room. And he divided the two area by sliding wooden doors, which were painted by hand. The apartments have panoramic Windows and lots of light, gorgeous views of the stadium “Luzhniki”. From his thirteenth floor watching the fans who come to matches. During the world Cup I can say, live under the Windows – always know when scored.”
Ведущая программы «Трудно быть боссом» на НТВ показала свой талисман

The interior design is also the embodiment of imagination of the hostess. “Decoration, decoration, color matching – close to me the theme continues in Hamburg. I was the editor of the program “School repair”. I have painted, went to art school. Mom had hoped to choose a profession in this direction…” Favorite place presenter – kitchen.

“I love to sit at a huge dining table! It is convenient for work. The last new thing was the sofa, saw and immediately fell in love. It’s hard for me to pick up something from catalogs, be sure to touch it. This pink wonder has stumbled and without hesitation bought. When it was delivered, realized that the interior has ceased to be harmonious. Exhaled and flew away on a business trip to London. Strolling through the city, he saw in the window a perfect pillow with a Flamingo.”

For two years the lives of the stars brightens up the Piglet Christopher. “This micropig, as it weighs ten pounds, the mini reaches forty. Surprised at the choice? – fun celebrity. – Let me explain: I’m allergic to animal fur, and pigs have not, only the bristles. Because of this, they are always freezing. Fun knit him sweaters to order. And a house in the style of a library, too, was made especially for him. Downstairs lives the baby, and in the top drawer stores documents. The pig I have wanted to start with the tenth grade. And desires can come true!”.