Host of “Inexplicable, but fact” that “ran” the star of the blogosphere

Ведущий «Необъяснимо, но факт» «наехал» на звезду блогосферы Funny video made by fans of the idols of millions, is rapidly gaining popularity in the Network. Fans of Nikolai Sobolev and Sergey Druzhko imagine what would happen if they really took part in a rap battle.

Recently in a Network there was a funny video, which played up the theme of confrontation between the leading program TNT “Inexplicable, but fact” Sergey Druzhko, who recently became a YouTube star and blogger Nikolay Sobolev.

Host of “Inexplicable, but fact” breaking all records in the Network

In the short video published on the Internet, the idols of millions finally took part in a rap battle “versus”. Fans of Sergei and Nikolai made cuts of different videos. The result Sobolev friend and like do compete with each other. A comic duel of the stars of the Internet is rapidly gaining popularity among users of social networks.

“I was literally shaking. My young friend, this is absolutely true… He even “Let them talk” didn’t go, I generally precipitated. Sergei Druzhko, in the opinion of the subscribers, a worthy replacement, a serious competitor. But I honestly do not think so… Sergey Druzhko – pure Scam, Sergey Druzhko is a sad trombone, Sergei Druzhko – the seven deadly sins, Sergei Druzhko, I Oxxxymiron!” – with these words the Sobolev refers to the opponent in the fan video.

In turn, the host of “Inexplicable, but fact” adequately respond to the opponent. “I don’t want trouble with the law, but I’m going to catch. Do not dig a hole for somebody else, otherwise you’ll have to pay for it. I hold in my hand the entire Russian Internet… the Man is king of nature, friend is the king of YouTube”, – says Sergey.

Fans Sobolev and friend appreciated the parody video. Nicholas himself, by the way, spoke about the video on his page in one of social networks. “Real “Versus” it would not be mercy. But it’s artistic!” – said the young man.

We also add that the conflict between Nikolay Sobolev and Sergey Druzhko broke out after the ex-host of TNT threw the book opponent in the trash. Then the young man decided to call a colleague for a rap battle, but gave to understand that his claim – nothing more than a joke. Speaking about the judges of the duel, the idol of the young people mentioned Rustam Solntseva and the controversial rapper from Odessa Maxim Doshi. In turn, Sergey Druzhko demonstrated how enters in a search engine query “how to win “Versus” not coming to him.”

By the way, one of the real judges popular the project, the Internet activist Yuri Khovanskii – recently pleased fans with a duet with Dmitry Malikov. Video for the joint track blogger and popular singer scored several million views on YouTube. Dmitry Malikov caught on a date with a young girl