Host of “Inexplicable, but fact” breaking all records in the Network

Ведущий «Необъяснимо, но факт» бьет все рекорды в Сети Showman and actor Sergey Druzhko became the face of the project, which is the most pressing issue of Network news. The audience were delighted with the pilot episode and found that it is better than many programs on YouTube.

Recently on YouTube premiere of the show featuring actor and presenter Sergey Druzhko. Many Internet users can remember it by participating in the mystic program TNT “Inexplicable, but fact”, broadcasted on screens from 2005 to 2008. The show about supernatural phenomena, gave rise to a huge number of memes, a favorite with young audiences.

A new project, which airs on channel Druzhko Show, less than a day broke all records in the Network. Video duration eleven minutes, scored more than 970 thousand views and reached the first position in the section “trending”.

“Global web has taken over the world. The TV fades into the background, and the Internet is. But you know what shocked me? Despite its popularity, there is no transmission about the Internet… Probably. I had to go on a world Network to solve the problem fundamentally. With you Sergey Druzhko. Japanem a little bit?” – with these words the performer addresses the audience at the beginning of the movie.

In the funny clip discusses the latest news on the online results Versus battles involving Eldar Garajova and Dmitry Larin, the most recent memes, and strange to the growing popularity of recordings on YouTube. “I’m not inclined to suspect everyone of everything, but most likely, it’s a conspiracy,” says friend, in his indescribable manner.

Users of YouTube supported video likes and numerous comments. “Here he is – a man-meme,’ These eleven minutes were the best time of my life”, “I found a new name for the program. “Strange, but HYIP”, “Close”, “My stomach burst from laughing”, “That’s the news we need,” “10 out of 10”, “high Quality content”, “I grew up on”, “Forward”, “Writer of genius” – written by fans of the charismatic leading.

Earlier in mass media there was information that Sergey Druzhko is going to legalize the relationship with the beloved. The beloved host was Muscovite Elena, whom he met in Saint-Petersburg.