Госпитализировали легендарную актрису Франции Катрин Денев!

In the hospital recently hospitalized legendary actress Catherine Deneuve! She had coronary artery disease is mild, this was reported by representatives of the actress, in particular focusing on the fact that, fortunately, there were no problems with the actress’s heartbeat and other vital body functions. Fortunately ischemic stroke was small and reversible, according to relatives of the actress. Of course, the result of the disease is an actress waiting for some period of rehabilitation, and doctors recommended Catherine then take a break to rest more and yet about the continuation of shots not to think!
Now 76-year-old actress Catherine Deneuve needs to be examined. This is the most famous actress in the world. Played in dozens of films and continued acting until the event.

Госпитализировали легендарную актрису Франции Катрин Денев!
French media suggest that the crisis could trigger a too busy schedule Deneuve. Poor health Catherine Deneuve complained during the shooting of the film Director Benoit Magimel “With his life.” The premiere of the film of the famous Director, the filming of which was attended by Catherine Deneuve was planned for 2020.

At the moment, Catherine Deneuve is one of the hospitals of Paris, ahead of her planned a very detailed examination and long-term rehabilitation. Recall that the actress Catherine Deneuve was born October 22, 1943 in Paris, the middle of three daughters in the family. The greatest popularity was gained through the filming of the movie “8женщин”, “the umbrellas of Cherbourg”, “Dancer in the dark”, a psychological Thriller directed by Roman Polanski “Repulsion” and many others. Also, fans were able to appreciate the vocal abilities of the actress, for example in the film 1980 “I love you”. Early in my career, Catherine enjoyed his mother’s name.

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