Hospitalized Ales Kafelnikov brazenly robbed

Попавшую в больницу Алесю Кафельникову нагло обворовали The daughter of tennis player suspects girlfriend. Ales Kafelnikov is in a medical facility, and therefore unable personal to contact the police. Her representative wrote a statement to the police and even identified the circle of those who could commit a robbery.
Попавшую в больницу Алесю Кафельникову нагло обворовали

The daughter of a famous tennis player Yevgeny Kafelnikov Ales becomes frequent the heroine of scandalous news. Recently it became known that the 19-year-old girl was faced with serious problems – she had been using drugs. Mom Alesya Kafelnikov first talked about her addiction

For two weeks the girl is on the planned treatment in hospital. As it turned out, the night before, may 30, she suddenly discovered the loss of their things – backpack, passport, mobile phone and keys to the apartment. She hoped that the missing are found, and the document proving the identity, it will be possible to find the owner. However, everything went wrong. On the morning of June 1, Ales goes to the hospital, but her representative wrote a statement to the police.

As stated in the appeal to law enforcement bodies, the night intruders on her behalf made a publication in the microblog, where asked to list on a certain Bank card money. It was then published personal photos that were stored in the phone memory.

“I am very offended, as would anyone in my place. This is an illegal invasion of privacy despicable, criminal way that have hurt not only me but also my family. Let this ordeal be a lesson to me and everyone this, too, can relate to,” said Kafelnikov.
Попавшую в больницу Алесю Кафельникову нагло обворовали

Apparently, for two weeks the police have been unable to find fall things daughter of a famous tennis player.

Not so long ago the wife of an oligarch Valentina Ivanova Liza Adamenko also were missing valuables after the party, which took place so rapidly that she even fell asleep in the stairwell. Apart from handbags and purses, where there were 10 thousand rubles, the model lost an expensive ring, which was bought for 47 million. However, then Adamenko said that he had fallen asleep, before reaching the apartment is not what was in a condition of strong alcoholic intoxication and tranquilizers. And the cost of decoration was slightly below 6 million. The wife of an oligarch robbed at 47 million

As it became known edition, Alesya any suspects who could do this. She suggests that she could be Rob’s friend. It later emerged that the same backpack from the world-renowned fashion brand saw one her friend. It is unknown how she defined that this is her thing.