Horrific details of the death of decl (Kirill Tolmatsky)

Ужасающие подробности смерти Децла (Кирилла Толмацкого)
Before his death, the singer Decl (Cyril Tolmatskogo) taken pain medication.

Ужасающие подробности смерти Децла (Кирилла Толмацкого)

As you know, it all happened after a concert in one of the bars of Izhevsk. Decl felt bad, but decided that I will be able to get off painkillers. It is possible that if an ambulance was summoned immediately, then it could be saved.

But my friends woke up only half an hour later, and first aid Cyril had a bartender and Manager. In result Cyril died. We will remind, the tragedy happened on February 3, 2019 at club POSH in Izhevsk.

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