Гороскоп от «СтарХита» на 2018 год We have compiled a forecast for all zodiac signs for the next twelve months. Astrologer Julia carpenter told the lucky, and also gave tips on how to behave at work and in personal life.
Гороскоп от «СтарХита» на 2018 год

(MARCH 21 – APRIL 20)

You will have to show their most iconic qualities – stubbornness and determination. However, the Dog will be waiting for you fair play, so learn to boldly Express their desires. Romance, which will be born this year will develop so rapidly that sometimes from the transience of events will take your breath away. But friends don’t trust. Perhaps some of them are the same wolf in sheep’s clothing who tries to insert you stick in the wheel. Safely erase such people from your life, and this is the case, when not to give a second chance.

(APRIL 21 – MAY 21)

Гороскоп от «СтарХита» на 2018 год

The year will be rich with intense emotion, however, is not always positive. At the same time, even if you happen to encounter an unpleasant situation face to face, you will be able to gain invaluable experience that will be useful later in life. The dog likes the work ethic of Taurus, and she’s ready to bestow it if it establish itself as an Executive and reliable man, who can be relied upon. This applies to both working relationships and personal. One of the main themes of the year will be the material aspect. For large purchases, including real estate.

(MAY 22 – JUNE 22)

Гороскоп от «СтарХита» на 2018 год

The dog is delighted with the friendliness the Twins. However, in 2018, fate will force you to become serious and more rigid. Earlier in career, you could swim at the expense of charm and a wide circle of friends, in this period, you will have to rely on their own strength. And any help from the outside, unfortunately, may be a disservice. However, love just the opposite – to relax and trust the chance. Do not miss the opportunity to spend time with friends, feel free to make new friends. So you quickly find your love.

(23 JUN – 23 JUL)

Гороскоп от «СтарХита» на 2018 год

Cancers this year out on a happy ticket. This is the case when you feel like a freak of luck and know that you the sea knee-deep. So the Dog wants to reward you for not remain indifferent to the feelings and problems of others. The main thing – do not miss the opportunity and send your luck on the development of new projects or a business. In family relations in 2018 will be complete idyll: you will be so good and comfortable to be around with the second half, that all parties and parties with friends just going out for the tenth plan.

(JULY 24 – AUGUST 23)

Гороскоп от «СтарХита» на 2018 год

Lads who just brag lions Dog can click on the nose so she doesn’t like upstarts. Therefore, you should be more cautious, and most importantly – you need to learn how to communicate with people without ambition and pathos, regardless of their position and social status. Also in the new year bring bright impressions for the whole life will remain in memory. It can be crazy surprises from friends or travel to stunning places, as well as news about the long-awaited addition to the family. In the financial issue you will have to take matters into their own hands and take full responsibility for the decisions taken.

(24 AUG – 23 SEP)

Гороскоп от «СтарХита» на 2018 год

The dog is like caring Virgo, you can trust them and be sure that they’ll fit to any entrusted task. That is why the year will be very productive and the work will be to take away almost all power. However, hard work is rewarded royally. Bosses will see you as a prospective specialist, and their material generously compensated for the work done. So the efforts will not go in vain.

In such a busy year you will find an outlet in the family, it will encourage, motivate new feats and help in difficult moments.

(24 SEP – 23 OCT)

Гороскоп от «СтарХита» на 2018 год

Pickiness Weights will force your Dog to show all their imagination to please the most sophisticated whim of this sign. In 2018, the balance will repeatedly think about how its expensive they are, or live someone else’s life. You can visit the desire to drop everything and go away from people and everyday life, become a hermit. Especially sharply there is a question of finding work or settling in a new profession. Changes in life in any way to be, and they should not be afraid. Better to try than to regret something not done.


Гороскоп от «СтарХита» на 2018 год

Fortune will smile to you not once, but a big role will play personal efforts. In 2018 you will only get out what you can achieve yourself. The dog, in turn, will tempt you and distract from the main goal, but your goal is to show her the power of intention to get a tidbit.

If you do not exchange the work for noisy parties and wanton pastime, by the end of the year you can expect a nice bonus. In his personal life is not going smoothly. People who at first glance evoke sympathy, in fact, can be unreliable.

(23 NOV – 21 DEC)

Гороскоп от «СтарХита» на 2018 год

Archers have to arm themselves with intelligence and to devote more resources to the development of existing projects. If you have a business, then you will have hard times – customers will prefer your competitors, an attractive deal in practice be not so profitable. But don’t despair – get the development that is, actively implement new technologies in business and change the structure. On the love front, things are much better. The dog as a sign of respect before commitment, we can send you a man who will be soul mate.

(22 DEC – 20 JAN)

Гороскоп от «СтарХита» на 2018 год

Capricorns need to take it in your dominant hand. Be attentive to documents, as they will have a property mysteriously disappear and thereby bring you at the crucial moment. Also there are various typos and errors. Carefully read everything you sign, as can easily miss a fatal footnote, made in small print. In a relationship the whole year will go like a red thread the theme of trust. For Dogs that quality is important, so do not disappoint her checks on loyalty and desire to close a loved one within the four walls.


Гороскоп от «СтарХита» на 2018 год

Aquarius it’s time to get a wish list and begin to implement it. At your disposal is a huge number of exciting possibilities, the key is to have a compass as a primary goal, to easily maneuver and to select the successful proposals. Personal life the Dog is also ready to provide you with some good scenarios. So use this opportunity provocante happiness. Those who have already long been in a serious relationship, it’s time to move on to new stages. Avoid stagnation, it can lead to rupture even the strongest bonds.


Fish is to try on the role of the kingmaker and not to break in the leading position. After all in 2018 at work can be such a storm that should sit in a quiet and cozy place. If you do decide to take on a dominant role and jump into the pool with his head, be prepared that all the mistakes that can happen even not your fault, in the end will affect the financial situation and reputation. But in my family you get a gift from the Dog, and close friends ready to surround with care, with them you will feel safe. The house is always greeted with a smile and find the right words at difficult moments.