Hope Obolentseva divorces big businessman

Надежда Оболенцева разводится с крупным бизнесменом Socialite lived with Ayrat Isakov three years. For celebrities it was a second marriage. Hope Obolentseva known in certain circles as the founder of intellectual club “418”.

Hope Obolentseva quite famous in the secular parties. In July 2014 she got married to oligarch Airat Isakov, top Manager of “Neftegazindustriya”. The 16-year age difference did not bother the couple that exchanged vows of love and fidelity on the coast of the Italian lake Como. However, today it became known that the couple are no longer together. On the website the Moscow city court was a case where the plaintiff is Ayrat Iskhakov, and the defendant – the Hope Obolentseva.

Sharing details of his personal life, the Hope has not yet committed. Despite the fact that she is an active user of social networks, while the woman did not tell about any changes in her life. Hope now actively develops and supports the project – closed intellectual club “418”. She often puts in his pictures of Svetlana Bondarchuk, who divorced last year.

Marriage with Ayrat Isakov became the second for the daughter of diplomats. The first happy Hope Obolentseva married businessman Denis Mikhailov. For the wedding with the businessman, she left the famous figure skater Anton Sikharulidze. Literally the day before the official date, woman broke off the engagement. Mikhailov did not spare money to surprise your beloved in huge quantities, it gave her bouquets of roses and objects of art in their glass house in Los Angeles.

However, such Grand gestures are unable to keep the Hope close to Denis. After a while they broke up. Obolentseva herself admitted in an interview with women’s magazine that he considers this marriage a mistake. According to her, friends saw their relationship with her husband is something wrong, but did not interfere in the personal life.

After parting ways with Denis attention of Hope took possession of Airat. They met 11 years before the wedding day, but for a long time, the woman did not perceive him as a contender for the hand and heart. However Obolentseva could understand that. is the person that gives her respect and become a reliable support in life.

Hope told me that her husband loved her surprise. Their gorgeous wedding was discussed almost everything – the cake was decorated with hundreds of roses. The confection was made to order in one of the most expensive Italian confectionery. The celebration was made by Eros Ramazzotti, the group “Leningrad” and “Mumiy Troll”.