Надежда Михалкова нежно обратилась к детям
Actress touching congratulated Nina and Ivan happy birthday.

Children of Hope Mikhalkova: Nina and Ivan

Photo: @Instagram nadiamixalkova Hope Mikhalkova

Despite the divorce of Hope Mikhalkova, Rezo Gigineishvili, the former spouses continue to work together to raise two kids: Nina and Ivan. Today the heirs of the couple celebrating birthdays (daughter of Hope was seven years old, and son is five). Children Mikhalkova, by some amazing coincidence, were born on the same day within two years. Actress touching congratulated Nina and Vanya.

“21 of may — the happiest and the hardest day of my life! Today they turn 7 and 5 years! Even a whole year unable to share and decided to share one day. In this photo it seems that Vanya explains something to Nina, but it is clear that Nina has already decided everything for himself and for John and for me! Daddy and I love you very much and thank you, so far “rolls” one birthday for two kids after the holidays is a special treat!” jokes Hope.

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Together with congratulations, Mikhalkov showed a new picture of children. Nina, by the way, recently celebrated in the kindergarten “graduation”. Autumn is the granddaughter of Nikita will go to the first class. To mark the end of the preschool Nina was awarded her first diploma. But van still has a few years to draw in kindergarten. He is still very baby: baby Mikhalkova are passionate about the topic of superheroes. He has almost the entire collection of figurines in the Marvel comics.