Hope Granovskaya told the truth about his age

Надежда Грановская рассказала правду о своем возрасте
The singer explained why she might look older.

“On the one hand, I understood that this man is my destiny. And the other — me?still not attracted to the thought of marriage”

Photo: Kirill Nikitenko

The first year there are people who claim that 35-year-old
Nadezhda Granovskaya older than written in her passport. Fans discuss
that singer just so happy appearance, in which she looks
young. In an interview with the magazine “7 Days” Hope commented on these rumors.

“I would
never measure on the earth’s age and never would have thought about it,
says Nadia.
But all
these conversations constantly remind me about my 35 years. Yeah, I saw:
some write: “She’s more she’s just the passport changed…” It’s funny, but in
something I with these people would agree. The fact that I never really got myself
don’t feel like a girl.

I always
I wanted to communicate with adults in early childhood. Popular
it seemed grown-up talk, as opposed to the children. And even now my
soul mate, my true friends are women much older than me.
And I have them more in common than with her age. So people who don’t
believe that I am 35 years old, most likely, read my internal state. In
the song: “…and my heart is a thousand years…” I definitely can say
it’s about yourself. By the way, is the same and my son. Igor 15 years, but he thinks like an adult
people. Igor your puberty seems to be avoided. Many times I
you hear stories about how children at the age of 15 and start Smoking and drinking
try, some to drug comes. Someone may to school drunk
come. The son in this regard, I have a white crow. He even sometimes does not want to go in
school because he was very uncomfortable with their peers. Igor I
says: “Mother, I tell them: “Why do you ruin your health?”

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