Hope Granovskaya told how curvy prevented her in my life

Надежда Грановская рассказала, как пышные формы помешали ей в жизни
Because of heredity, the singer was unable to sing the dream.

Photo: Instagram

Since childhood, Hope Meyher-Granovsky had a dream: to become a ballerina. But this was not to be — heredity took over.

“With a good plastic data my external form in some places, “pumped up,” smiles the singer. — In 11 years I began to dance in a folk dance, and, when he entered the pedagogical College of the city of Khmelnitsky, continued to engage in professional dancing and even a year of ballet…. Sensations inexpressible! I was ready to live in the dance hall, and endlessly to hone skills. I understand, probably only those who had or has to do with ballet or professional dance… it’s been 19 years. I again do the choreography and trying to dance on Pointe (hard, but what drives me is the old love of ballet, an unfinished dream). And if we talk about physical shape for a man who once upon a time dreamed of a dance career, it seems there is nothing better than classical music in symbiosis with choreography and… Pointe shoes. Life is full of unexpected encounters, decisions and actions. And when you take a decision for further action and are in resonance with yourself, in an instant a rush of joy and harmony go for these sensations. Follow! Go for it! Don’t be afraid! Even if you fought against the entire world. Fear generates internal degradation. He makes it impossible not only to develop but also be a happy man!”

Today, the sexy shape of the singer did not prevent her to dance. Recently she has presented her own choreography show. Granovskaya-Meyher made in unexpected role — the Director, screenwriter, artist, and dancer of Argentine tango. “Love story” is a passionate synthetic performance where the fanciful art pattern intertwined romances in Spanish and Russian, Argentine tango and poems of Hope Meyher written by her at different periods of life.