Hope Granovskaya he opened his shop

Надежда Грановская открыла свой магазин
The singer successfully selling designer clothes of their own brand.

The group “VIA Gra” Hope Granovskaya

Photo: Instagram

After retiring from the megapopular group “VIA Gra” Hope Meyher-Granovskaya was to do all my Hobbies that I used to because touring is simply not enough time. First, she tried out for the role of presenter. Hope was the author’s transfer on Ukrainian television. Secondly, she starred in the movie. Even Granovskaya has released two books of her own poems, and last year presented to the court their fans own clothing line Meiher by Meiher. Hope personally went to Europe and chose fabrics for his first collection, developed models of dresses.

“My clothes are for successful and accomplished women that don’t depend on anybody,” said the singer and newly-minted designer.

First outfits from Granovskaya was sold only in the showroom and on the Internet, but for some couple of months, the collection has become in such demand that Hope thought about his own shop. And that’s true! Yesterday in one of the largest shopping centers in Kiev Granovskaya he opened his shop. In the event Hope to contribute to the whole group “VIA Gra” in its current composition — Misha Romanov, Eric Herceg and Anastasia Kozhevnikova. Granovsky was a mentor in the popular show “I Want in “VIA gra”, where the girls became friends. Of course, they could not miss such an important event for Hope.

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