Hope dies last

Надежда умирает последней The news that the program “Let them talk” got taffy, took me in the car. First sent congratulations to Tina Kandelaki, and then the flow of SMS with different pleasant words began to resemble Niagara falls.
Надежда умирает последней

Remember how many years we have ahead of telecombureau according to the ratings, wanted to get a bronze Orpheus. Bought for the ceremony, outfits, composed speeches which were never uttered. And here taffy-2017. In the category “entertainment talk show Prime-time” (the theme of that program, we have designated as “Hope dies last”) “Let them talk” gets the coveted statuette!

Then goes on stage Konstantin Ernst speaks to the fact that the program is making a lot of people, but this award rightfully belongs to me in memory about working on “the First channel”. I am sincerely grateful to Konstantin Orlov for such a gesture, but he’s right, PG is primarily people. And the most worthy will pass on this long-awaited taffy producers of the talk show Natalia, Galekovic and Michael Saronno. Thanks to their efforts the Russian national television award for the highest achievements in the field of television arts found its real heroes.