Hooligan! Anna Mikhalkova is the third time finished school

Хулиганка! Анна Михалкова в третий раз закончила школу
The actress had fun on the last call.

Photo: Instagram

Anna Mikhalkova yesterday held a big feast. Her eldest son Andrew finally graduated from high school. However, there is still the exam, but the students now are preparing for several years, so that problems with the release from school should not arise.

“Ahhh!!! Finally!! At least one is a marathon there! This is my fucking holiday!!!” — shared his joy with fans of Anna and published absolutely hooligan photo on which she is much more like a graduate than an 18-year-old Andrew.

It is interesting that recently Mikhalkov told that the education of the children — not just children — is hard.

“This year I will finish school for the third time, — wrote Anna in a personal blog. — The first time for me, second time with Nadia, and the third with Andrew, next year with Sergei. Thanks though Lida will give a break!”

Despite the difficulties in school, Anna had no doubt that my son has a great future. On his 18th birthday, she has published in social networks a touching post.

“It was probably your most difficult year! Watching the complexity of your transition period, more and more convinced that the genius and villainy are compatible. You’re not like anyone, at least of the people I know, apparently, your blood is so messed up! — wrote Anna. — I can be not agree with you a million times, but I take your like no other the world. In me are constantly fighting two feelings: on the one hand, I want you to grow up and become a real man, and on the other I want you to not have lost this spontaneity, this innocence, which only you can provide! Ergulec, you’re my heavy “narcotic”. I Sergeysevka! Don’t give up, you know. Happy birthday!”