Hooks, Rudkovskaya and other stars steel beauty consultants

Крюков, Рудковская и другие звезды стали beauty- консультантами

In the event called Charity Beauty Bar actors, singers, musicians and other representatives of show business were in the unusual role of beauty consultants, presenting a fresh collection of international brands.

For example, TV presenter Rita Mitrofanova was delegated to a consultant at Dolce&Gabbana, Yana Churikova was a representative from the brand face care Anna Semonin, at the Armani boutique were all waiting for the actress and host Marusya Zykova, and actress Nadezhda Mikhalkova talked about the new fragrances of the French brand Frederic Malle.

Those who have not gone before the weekend at the cottage and went to the bar, and purely by chance looked into Central Universal Fashion, could easily get advice on Facials from Anna Sedakova or valuable recipe for a healthy lifestyle from Irena Ponaroshku or Mitya Khrustalev. Leading this annual event has become popular nowadays Artem Korolev, and for digestie the decks this time lit designer Masha Tsigal with his 7-year-old son Arseny.

Not all visitors of the Central Department store (and among them not so many ordinary citizens with average across Russia the salary), immediately understood that it was no ordinary consultant, but a real face on the cover, which is just now ready to share their secrets. I also did not immediately recognize in the modest blonde in black lace blouse producer Yana Rudkovskaya. Together with each of the celebrities stood a professional consultant for a particular rank, who told his star colleague some of the details of a product. Ian has advised on hair and skin. I turned to star girl with very ordinary and familiar to many a question: increased hair 4 years in a row, have now decided to recover, I want long silky Yes, but not out. Dull, brittle and not grow. What would you recommend?

“Because of the large number of events I wash my hair every day and constantly doing the installation, so they were always fresh. I have thin and often rained, so not weight use remedies for hair growth, and often choose the shampoos and conditioners specialized brand for hair Revive”.

“A face you do that?” – to beauty advice connected with me standing next to a woman with bright purple lipstick on his lips and turquoise eye shadow on the eyelids.

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“I will tell the dermatologist education: creams to use is not necessary, a divorce! And me and my mom for several years now buy only serum. The serum is expensive, I admit, but it’s light, penetrates quickly into the skin and also acts instantly, the cream has a thick base and forms a film that hinders the breathing of the skin. And indispensable tool in crioterapia a vial of collagen with elastin. Dissolve one vial on an ice cube in the mineral water and wipe the face, neck and hands. No matter what he did the day before – drank, slept, worked, in the morning will be like Cleopatra!”

But the folk remedies of type of mask from cucumbers, according to the producer, it is better to use as supportive care, but not primary.

Vlad Lisovets: the Aroma should reflect the mood!

With the face and hair figured out and the stylist are not necessary. But I still decided to go in. Besides, it was Vlad Lisovets. This time he was responsible for the fragrances Viktor&Rolf. I just wanted to fly to upgrade your perfume, Vlad threw me each of the three scents: woody, pepper, and floral-sweet. Like a real girl, I opted for the flowers.

“Feast you in life is not enough!” summed up stylist. — “I know how to apply perfume? Not somewhere to one place, on your wrist or neck, as many usually do, and spray the top at arm’s length. Clothes to scent to choose how you feel and get dressed. But if you really want something, for example, woody scents can be worn with leather, heavy things, as I have today.”

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