Милая блондинка: Сергей Безруков перестал прятать лицо дочки
The actor celebrated the anniversary of family life.

My girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) MY MOST EXPENSIVE AND HORROROSA!!!!!! A little heat you all in the ribbon) THANK you for congratulations on the wedding anniversary!!!!!!!!!! Sincerely YOURS BEZRUKOV!)))

A post shared by Sergey Bezrukov (@s_bezrukov) on Mar 11, 2018 at 6:55am PDT

Even a little bit and Sergey Bezrukov seems to finally stop hiding from the public their eight month old daughter Mary. Previously, the artist photographed the daughter only from the back, and late last night in his microblog published a photo, where the girl depicted in profile. We can conclude that soon Bezrukov dare to show Masha and the front.

The scene where Anna Mathison, the wife of Sergey, posing with daughter on hands appeared in social networks on the anniversary of the family life of the couple. Bezrukov thanked fans for their many congratulations. “My girls! My most expensive and good! A little heat you all in the tape. Thank you for your congratulations on the anniversary! Sincerely yours Bezrukov!” commented on a photo of Sergei.

Fans were happy that we were able to see the daughter of the actor — this theme is very popular among his fans. Published the frame is not made clear in the discussion who is growing like Masha. In the comments fans Bezrukov called the girl “little angel” and “cute blonde”. The nose, according to fans, she inherited from her mother, but the hair color from dad. “And Masha is a blonde!”, “I congratulate you, Sergey and Anna! The main treasure in the arms of my mother…”, “Mashenka bright angel!” write to Sergei.

Her dad: Sergey Bezrukov told about the youngest daughter

Recall that the wedding of Sergei and Anna took place on March 11, 2016. Soon after, in July, the couple had a daughter Maria. Before this actor was for many years married to Irina Bezrukovoj with which he managed to keep cordial relationship after the divorce.