«Разлучница» Александра Серова с женой впервые нарушила молчание Alena came to the Studio “really”. She told the whole truth about the relationship with Alexander Serov, a well-known musician confessed to the whole country that he felt feelings for her.
«Разлучница» Александра Серова с женой впервые нарушила молчание

The issue of beating Alexander Serov of his wife Helen have long worried viewers. In one interview, the woman publicly stated that the musician struck her six times in the head and broke his nose when she brought him to sign the divorce papers. At this moment, next to him was his friend Alena that stebeneva called new mistress and is terribly jealous of the artist to her.

In the new issue of “In fact” mother daughter Serov Michelle met him on a lie detector to know whether or not he then beat his mother. The musician remembered not only the events of that day, but the first meeting with Alena.

19-year-old girl and the artist met in a cafe. He promised to support it in the demo. Then they began to communicate closely. The wife of the artist claimed that Alain almost lived with them. “When I was in the house was all clean,” said Serov alleged affair with a young girl.

«Разлучница» Александра Серова с женой впервые нарушила молчание

Remembering the incident when Elena came to him at the wrong moment, he did not dispute the fact that he could accidentally break her nose. First, the singer has hit three slap, and then, according to him, when his wife swung at him with his boot could have pushed her hand with his fist, thereby damaging the baffle. Michelle whole scene not seen, but the blood of the mother did not notice. “Bruise she had under her eye,” added the girl.

The culmination of the program was the appearance of this of Alyona in the Studio. She remembered how she and her sister met with Serov.

“I studied to be an Opera singer, Alexander asked me: “Maybe you’ll like it.” I thanked him, but then refused. One song I recorded. Then we talked on the phone. Alexander after all, a busy man. Ah, the repair was”, – said Alena.

When after a while the girl was in a serious car accident, that Serov came to the rescue. “We got a call in the evening, said that Lena was involved in a serious accident, she’s unconscious delivered in Krasnogorskiy the hospital. Then they said that it is unlikely she will survive until morning. I called Alexander. He became remotely to solve everything. Alexander organized the ambulance. We ended up in hospital Vishnevsky… Due to the fact that he did it, Lena and survived,” – said Natalia, her sister.

Alexander admitted that at the time he wanted love. “First, she had a boyfriend, then I was driving like a gentleman. I liked her as a person,” said the musician.

Serov did not deny that he felt romantic feelings for Allen. The experts recognized his words were true.

Michelle fell out with her father, as she believes that mental cheating could also greatly affect the relationship in their family.

Serov also raised the issue of the birth of her first daughter who needed a hand. It was not my child. She caught him out. I have proof. Direct no. Her trip to Turkey and Egypt, his meeting… I type in two nights, asking where she is. And she says, “what do you care?” the musician said.

Abandoned at the hospital a daughter was Serova DNA test

It turned out that Michelle is more like the father than the mother, although she never admitted it.