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Главный «Холостяк» страны оказался в инвалидном кресле
Ilya Glinnikov was seriously injured.

Ilya Glinnikov

Photo: @Instagram glinnikov1st Ilya Glinnikov

Ilya Glinnikov yesterday evening he underwent surgery.
The hero of the show “the Bachelor” ended up in the hospital due to a serious knee injury
received during the filming of one of the editions of the program. The actor tore a ligament,
but the operation went immediately. Not to let down the crew, Ilya a long time courageously endured the pain.

Now, when the operation was left behind, Glinnikov
a long rehabilitation. While the actor moves around the hospital
wheelchair. Ilya has published in his microblog after the first
surgery. It is now as it is with humor. “Got new wheels. Leaving for a vacation!” — ironically noticed Glinnikov. The fans support the actor and wish him a speedy recovery.

Incidentally, the knee Elias got hurt in the first place due to his excessive ingenuity. The fact that one of his biggest passions in life — love to the extreme. And since Glinnikov were given the right to come up with ways of holding meetings with candidates for the place of his future wife, then he arranged them according to their desires. As a result, the women in the show had a hard time, every date was associated with the extreme that not everybody liked the chicken.