Hollywood will make a movie about killing Kim Kardashian

В Голливуде снимут фильм об убийстве Ким Кардашьян

To say how popular the family Kardashian-Jenner makes no sense. A reality show about the clan regularly gathers at screens large audience, each member of the family look up to their fans, especially devotees even go under the knife of plastic surgeons to appear to be like their idols.

Now the popularity Kardashians, particularly Kim, has reached new boundaries. Today it was announced that Hollywood screenwriter John Getsin Tash’s writing a book about the attempts and the subsequent murder of the wife of Kanye West. The script the man plans to sell to large studios, to film a movie that surely will interest many.

According to 56-year-old screenwriter, his script is not laudatory ode to the Kardashian family, but rather revenge for what they, in his opinion, completely destroyed the TV.
“In Hollywood many people who are angry about what is happening with the industry because of reality TV. The Kardashians are killing the industry, so we should kill them,” says Tash.

A special piquancy to the book, the plot of which is Kim Kardashian, adds the fact that the reality star became a victim of a robbery in October last year in Paris and could really become a murder victim. The writer, however, assures that the plot of the book came up for half a year before these events, his creativity calls “satire” and I am sure that nothing offensive to Kim Kardashian in this.